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Exact image resizing

Status: New Idea
by BizTechCoaching on ‎09-13-2016 11:38 AM

When trying to get images to be the exact same size, it can be frustrating trying to drag the corner of the image and get to the exact pixel number. It would be much easier if you could type in one of the dimensions and have it appropriately resize the image.

Add overlay to a photo

Status: Archived
by WebfireThemes on ‎05-27-2016 02:24 PM

Hi Chaps.



I just noticed the idea for adding text to a normal image inserted via the image drag and drop element (HERE)


Which by the way @tripdontfall is a brilliant idea..


Something that would go really well with a feature like this would be the ability to also add an overlay where color and transparency is optional... 


We use overlays a lot, and on images where text is part of that image the overlay is a great way to neutralise the image so text can be seen regardless of color...


Would love this feature added on top of the current image edits you can do.



Status: Archived