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Hi. We are really wondering how Weebly can offer this to their own clients in Germany but we can’t offer this service to ours.


Only 34 % of the clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (~100 Million People) - have a credit card or PayPal.

Direct-Ueberweisung, or PayPal PLUS is a major feature.


By law, it’s an obligation to offer one cost-free payment to the customer.


Would be nice if you could work on it. I have already e-mailed David Rusenko and to Dan Veltri about this issue.


It we be also nice, if you could give me contact details of your European Manager in Berlin.


Many Thanks.

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PayPal Plus

Status: Archived
by eo1n on ‎09-22-2016 12:05 PM

Integration or Activation of PayPal Plus to Weebly.


This is essential for website operators and customers in Germany and the EU. 
With PayPal Plus, customers can use the PayPal system to pay for your items even if they don't have a PayPal account.

How difficult is it for Weebly to activate this option for business / merchant accounts? Is it not a PayPal side technical issue?

Status: Archived