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Hide Your Navigation on a Single Page (Without Customizing Your Theme)

Status: New Idea
by Kittenfury on ‎04-06-2017 11:07 AM - last edited on ‎04-09-2017 08:13 AM by Community Manager

I've attempted to build a squeeze page, and found myself unable to hide the site navigation on a single page to do it. There's a thread in the community for it, with a nice tutorial, but I haven't been able to get it work, and spent what must have been hours attempting to follow the steps. A feature that allows us to do this without coding would be incredibly useful.

Remove navigation menu

Status: New Idea
by CraigNixon1975 on ‎02-07-2017 02:29 AM - last edited on ‎02-07-2017 11:21 AM by Community Manager

Hello weebly,


I would like to know how to remove the menu navigation (three lines) on my website?


I want to have all my pages as splash pages so I can direct my customers the way I want too,

without the need for a menu.


I'm comfortable coding.




Craig Nixon

Multiple Navigation Menus

Status: New Idea
by SES737 on ‎02-02-2017 01:56 PM - last edited on ‎02-05-2017 09:22 AM by Community Manager

I was just on the e.l.f. website and saw that they have several menus in the header of their site and that's something that I'd like to be able to add to mine here on weebly too. Here's an example: 

elf header.jpg


You can see they have a menu on the top right for their help section and customer login, on the top left for chat and quick nav for their about shipping page and signup for their beauty squad, and both are in addition to their regular site navigation. 

Menu Bar

Status: New Idea
by Mlmartienz3 on ‎03-02-2017 10:44 AM - last edited on ‎03-02-2017 01:59 PM by Community Manager

I would like to have a menu bar at the bottom of my Web pages also. That way readers do not have to scroll back to the top to go to another web page.


Add an additional "Navigation image" to a Weebly header

Status: New Idea
by colinh on ‎02-12-2017 08:37 PM - last edited on ‎02-13-2017 09:02 AM by Community Manager

I am using template "Clean lines Business". In the Header, I want to add a Logout image with a hyperlink to another page. I can edit the HTML and add a text hyperlink but not the image. Please advise how I can reference in image stored in Weebly. Thank you very much. Colin Hancox

Logo and navigation menu

Status: New Idea
by Stevedog on ‎12-28-2016 11:54 AM - last edited on ‎12-28-2016 12:06 PM by Community Manager

  As I understand, at the moment, the home page navigation menu and logo are automatically added to every page in your website creation and there is no option for changing this. You either have to have it on all pages, or no pages. (I know the option of adding buttons as a substitute, but this is not a suitable option.)  If you want your pages to look different, you can only have a splash page.  In my mind, this may cause confusion as every page looks very similar to the home page.  I would like the option to remove the navigation bar and logo when it would suit the website design, on specific pages only.  This would create a more flexible website design and offer visual differences to your pages.

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Images for drop down menu for pages

Status: New Idea
by SashaBolle on ‎04-05-2017 12:45 PM - last edited on ‎04-05-2017 01:03 PM by Community Manager

Please add the feature, which would allow adding pictures to the drop down menu for pages. Thank you.