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Offline version of your site

Status: New Idea
by alan092177 on ‎05-25-2016 06:42 AM

I use Weebly as my portfolio. It's what I use to present my designs to clients. Prior to the meeting I had a couple of weeks ago, I already sent my URL to this client so they can view my designs. Fast forward to the meeting with the person calling the shots for the company, they asked if I brought along my portfolio. I told them of my site. Unfortunately the internet connection where we had our meeting was terrible (Hi, I live in the Philippines where we pay premium price for crappy internet) that I had problems accessing my site. Needless to say I was unable to seal the deal. After the meeting, an idea came to mind, what if Weebly can have an option where the user can have an offline copy of his/her site on the laptop or mobile device which can also be editable then can be synced to the existing website.