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I would love the ability to create gradients in the section background colors.  I see these on other sites, and it would be nice to be able to create them on Weebly.

Undo Button

Status: We're Working on It.
by mandismuses on ‎02-26-2016 10:29 PM

I love that Weebly saves automatically, because it helps if the computer shuts down, we lose power, I'm being blonde and click the wrong thing, etc. However, sometimes you do something and then want to smack yourself because you screwed something up. It'd be so awesome to have "save points" or an "Undo" button, to where you can make or undo changes until you hit that big 'ol publish button, then it flushes the save points. This way, even if something does happen, computer shuts down, whatever, if you haven't clicked "publish", you know the site saved a few save points up till that point, so you wouldn't worry so much if you clicked the wrong thing right before the apocalypse happened and you broke something Smiley Happy

Access to image directory / File Manager

Status: We're Considering It.
by cloonans on ‎02-26-2016 09:08 AM - last edited on ‎05-15-2016 10:18 AM by Community Manager

In other CMS platforms, the user has the ability to scroll through their image directory, so if you need an image again or on another page in the site, you can just reference it just like we already have the ability to do with files.  Currently, as far as I can tell, the only way to reference a previously used image is to find it on the site and use the URL or to upload it again.  Especially with photos, it would be nice not to have to keep the original files on a hard drive once they've been uploaded to the site.  I've had a few times where i had to search through blog histories to find a file I needed a year later.  If the image directory was easily available, I could have just selected the file from a list.

Better hierarchical format for creating a site with many pages

Status: We're Considering It.
by NBH on ‎12-19-2016 11:49 AM - last edited on ‎12-19-2016 12:23 PM by Community Manager

I have a site with hundreds of pages, and every time I create a new page I have to drag it to where it needs to go. It would be nice to have a better hierarchical format to make this easier. The ability to expand and collapse would be so helpful!

Status: We're Considering It.

Thank you for this idea @NBH! It's taken us a few months, but the Weebly team is considering making your suggestion into a reality. I'll certainly post updates as I have them.


Thanks again, and enjoy your day!


Automatic Pagination

Status: New Idea
by All1 3 weeks ago - last edited 3 weeks ago by Community Manager

It should be possible for you to have multiple pages on one page. Like at the lottom you have numbers or something and the one you click on takes you to the next page on that page.

Ability to Publish Single Pages

Status: New Idea
by kj on ‎03-31-2016 04:20 AM - last edited on ‎04-19-2016 03:07 PM by Community Manager

I'd like to publish single pages. Right now when you click publish, all changes get published.

Parallax scrolling for video headers and sections

Status: We're Considering It.
by southtexasmike on ‎03-14-2017 11:40 AM - last edited on ‎03-15-2017 12:12 PM by Community Manager



I notice that when a header or section has a video background, the only available scrolling effects are "none" and "reveal".


Other hosts (who don't do responsive nearly as well as Weebly) already support parallax scrolling in front of video backgrounds, and we'd really like this for two of our pages.


Can Weebly make this available, pretty please?

Publish Certain Pages Separately

Status: New Idea
by JoyfulMeadow on ‎06-10-2017 12:55 PM - last edited on ‎06-11-2017 06:55 AM by Community Manager


It would be great if we could publish specific pages without publishing everything. For example, if someone is working on two pages and one is now done, that page could be published without everything being published. We could have a list of the pages and click those we want published. Or we could have two buttons. One for "publish this page" (the one you are on) and one for "publish everything".



Page moves between sites on an account

Status: New Idea
by Rx on ‎04-03-2017 10:58 AM - last edited on ‎04-03-2017 12:47 PM by Community Manager

I have multiple sites on my account. Sometimes I create pages that I'd like to duplicate on other sites, but there is no feature to move or copy pages from one site to another, as you can do within a single site. I love that feature in general, but this would be extremely time saving if I could just copy a page (that I've spent a lot of time on) to another one of my sites so that I don't have to be redundant with my efforts and time. 

Upload Custom Fonts

Status: New Idea
by jsl on ‎02-25-2016 05:45 PM

I saw a post in another section with a user asking how to add more fonts. Someone replied with an accurate and very helpful answer about adding a font by editing the HTML/CSS code manually. Here's that thread:


I think that we should be able to upload a font file (like a .ttf file), give Weebly a little time to process it, and then be able to use it in our site - or even better, throughout all sites on an account. It would certainly make having a consistient font between print and digital materials much easier. Maybe a Business plan feature...

New Page Type Needed

Status: Hurray! We're Done!
by WorkingWebsites on ‎02-07-2016 10:15 PM

It would be great to have a Page Type in Weebly that, when selected, creates a page link in the navigation menu that does nothing when clicked or hovered over apart from display a drop down list of all its sub pages. There are many occasions where this type of page is required. For example, let's say you want to create a top level Menu page called "Videos" which has the following sub pages: Horror, Sci-Fi, Westerns etc. When a user clicks on "Videos" from the Menu, rather than going to a Videos HTML page it simply displays the list of sub pages for you to select from.


Presently, there is no way to to create this effect in Weebly. The main use of this feature would be to create a "Catagory" header in the main navigation menu which goes nowhere if clicked but automatically lists its sub-pages when clicked or hovered over.

Status: Hurray! We're Done!

Hey all, 


Thank you for surfacing this great idea! We listened to your feedback and just launched a new page option today called a "Navigational Menu." You can find this option by:


1. Clicking on the Pages tab

2. Clicking on the name of any standard page that isn't your home page 

3. Clicking on the checkmark that says "Make a Navigational Menu" 

4. Publish your site 


When a page has this option toggled to "on," clicking or hovering on that page on the published site will only bring up a list of its child pages. It will not bring your visitor to a a different page! 

New Page Option- Pop Up Page

Status: New Idea
by mandismuses on ‎06-03-2016 04:38 PM - last edited on ‎06-08-2016 03:24 PM by Employee Moderator

You gave us our navigation page option, which we've ben using like crazy. Now I've got another that I've been trying to figure out for hours today and can't, even with the available Weebly apps. What about a pop-up page?


As an author with only a few books out, my current Books page will suffice. Example here-


However, I'm soon going to be working on multiple series and anthologies, and it would be nice to have a gallery of covers. When they click on a cover, it brings up a pop-up page where I can put the cover image, blurb, and links of places to buy. 


Right now, you can do this by linking the photo to a page and it'll open that page. But I've love it to be able to be a pop-up page instead, so that people can check out that book, click "X" to close that window, and continue down the list. Thoughts?

'Copy' page button should be labeled 'Duplicate'

Status: New Idea
by Rucksack-Tex on ‎01-04-2017 09:02 AM - last edited on ‎01-04-2017 09:10 AM by Community Manager

UI suggestion: Button for duplicating a page should be labeled 'Duplicate', NOT 'Copy'.


Copy is conventionally followed by Paste. I wanted to duplicate a page, couldn't find a duplicate command, so tried copy — and then, quite naturally I think, I went looking for the paste command and of course couldn't find it. I did finally realize that the page I 'copied' had been duplicated and was sitting at the bottom of my pages list.


If button/command were labeled 'Duplicate' I'd know that I should look for it immediately rather than looking for a way to paste what I just copied.


Might also make more sense to place the duplicated page right next to the source page, so it's easier to see what happened and easier to find the duplicated page. Maybe mark new page 'duplicate of XYZ"....

Weebly, please build a "PRODUCT GALLERY" element for application within our product pages.


I would love for there to be a "Related Items" element (gallery of products) that Weebly shop owners could add to our product pages! I want to retain my audience for as long as possible and create easy flow in and out of every page but keep viewers in my shop! If a viewer clicks on an item they like I would love to be able to quickly show them a few more they may be interested in. This can be done by adding a gallery element option within our product pages that would display other related items in our shop. Shop owners could manually drag and drop which products they would want to show in the "related items" gallery, or click something like "automate" that would allow weebly to pull items it thinks are related based on an algorithm that uses tags or keywords within the title of the products. 


Creating the ability to add a "Related Items" gallery column to the right below our description (vertically), or a "related items" gallery row at the end of the body above our footer (horizontally) would be amazing and would improve flow and viewer retention in our shops. 





Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 11.37.27 AM.png

Copying among 2 sites

Status: New Idea
by JVO on ‎04-27-2017 05:06 AM - last edited on ‎04-27-2017 07:57 AM by Community Manager

Can anyone help me?

I have 2 sites with weebly. Is it possible to copy some pages from my site to my other site without recreating the pages and searching for the pictures and so one.....?

Thanks for your feedback,



Option to create blank landing page

Status: Alternative Suggestion Provided
by jasonwitt on ‎02-18-2017 04:39 PM - last edited on ‎02-19-2017 08:08 AM by Community Manager

Would be nice if we could have the option to create a totally blank landing page with no header, no footer, no navigation menu so we can custamize as we see fit.

Main Blog Page Collapse

Status: New Idea
by AbbyCampbell ‎03-04-2016 06:36 AM - edited ‎03-11-2016 06:24 AM

While Weebly allows us to feature a certain number of blogs on the main blog page, I would like to see an option for collapsing the blogs on those pages. For instance, I would like my readers to be able to come to my page and see more titles with a short description and smaller picture. They can then click on the title of their choosing to read the full blog. In addition, it would be nice to be able to do something similar in the blog sidebar. Please see the picture below to see what I mean.





Make the "Pages" list act more like the navigation menus

Status: New Idea
by The1991Matt on ‎10-03-2016 11:35 AM - last edited on ‎04-29-2017 01:45 PM by Employee Moderator

The site I am building heavily utilizes the nested page feature and after a while the long list of pages gets to be a pain to scroll through and find the certain one you want to edit. It would be nice if nested pages didn't automatically display on the pages editor but you instead click on one and it opens to show the nested pages. Hope this can happen in the near future. I'm drowning in pages!

Header padding + Header Height

Status: New Idea
by Creature on ‎04-17-2016 05:54 PM - last edited on ‎04-27-2016 10:24 AM by Employee Moderator

I hate how tall the "short header" < smallest header option available is. Can we please have control over adjusting the header height manually so we can have a non-one size fits all approach to building our websites? Also, can we please have the more control for adjusting the padding around headers. I have a coupon code at the top of every page in my store and it is floating in a horribly awkward sea of white space because A. The short header is too dang tall B. Padding is out of control around headers


Please give us more controls with headers. Also, I have said it before, but I will say it again. The Weebly store has ISSUES. There is no way to create a header on one page in a store and copy and paste it to other pages in the store. Why???!!!! That is extremely inconvenient! Headers with all other pages outside of the store interface can easily be copied to other non-store pages. Give us the same control with Store Pages Please!

Full Page Splash Slideshow

Status: New Idea
by tleedesign on ‎04-30-2016 10:42 AM - last edited on ‎05-02-2016 10:01 AM by Employee Moderator

Can we please have a full page (splash) slideshow feature? This seems to be a pretty common feature on other website building services, particularly Square Space. I like weebly and really don't want to switch because of this. Here's a customer website Square Space feature on their site which uses this feature I'm talking about...