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bulk Price editing

Status: New Idea
by UniqueLED 3 weeks ago - last edited 3 weeks ago by Community Manager

Please Please enable something where we can bulk price change. I have over 400 items and most of them have many options. It is a nightmare to change prices. 

File Upload as Product Option

Status: Duplicate
by jgb a week ago - last edited a week ago by Community Manager

Include a File Upload as an option on the product page.  Uploaded file would then be attached to the product through checkout. 

This would be a great tool for personalizing items with photos, logos, or user supplied art and allowing the shopper to upload files during the transaction.  Woudl also be useful for CAD/3D/CNC purposes with non-graphic files.

Status: Duplicate

Looks like we have another post about this - I'd recommend adding kudos to that to show your support:

Ability to add 'Upsells' on each product page like amazon's "Frequently Bought Together"

Status: New Idea
by MK777 on ‎03-15-2017 12:12 PM - last edited on ‎03-15-2017 12:14 PM by Community Manager

On each product page, we would like to see an extension that offers quick, drag and drop, add ons or upsells accessory items. Much like the amazon set up of "Frequently bought together" but it shows products that we designate.


There is plenty of extra space on each individual product page where customers actually buy. If we could show multiple accessory items right below, a small description and price for those items and a add to cart button for each, Im sure sales would increase for everyone, as currently each customer has to go to multiple product pages to add everything to their cart individually. You can currently edit each individual product page and add accessory item images and links, but it doesn't drop them strait to cart. And I have 60+ product pages that we would like to add this feature to.

Thank you for your vote. Smiley Very Happy

Newly added items to top of category

Status: New Idea
by Dot_Minnies a month ago - last edited 4 weeks ago by Community Manager

We're putting many hours in to adding new items to our site, but the newly added ones go to the bottom of the list in each category so we spend a lot more time going through each category and dragging the new ones to the top.  If the new ones went to the top instead of the bottom, it would save us a ton of time.  Thanks!

Ability to sort products in store view

Status: Duplicate
by CulinarySolvent on ‎03-29-2017 08:32 AM - last edited a month ago by Community Manager

I cannot make sense of how weebly organizes the products in the back end of my storefront.  It is definitly not using the product title, price, sku, modified time, or product id. 


Please add a feature to sort the products list in our storefront by clicking on the heading of the table where products are listed in the Store>>Products view. thanks.

Status: Duplicate

There was an earlier post to Vote on Features about this that I recommend you add kudos to:

Product Pages

Status: New Idea
by eTEFL on ‎03-29-2017 08:11 AM - last edited a month ago by Community Manager

I want to put a section on a product page (In the long description) and there is no option.This is silly and easily resolved.


I am currently building my site as an online art gallery for my paintings, at the stage where I'm populating the shop.


Curious to know if there are others who would like Weebly to allow more editing choices on the products page.  


For example, I wish I could make my image slightly smaller. It would seem there's no way to do this at present.



Allow activating/deactivating of sale prices

Status: New Idea
by rhcpets on ‎01-23-2017 12:25 PM - last edited on ‎02-28-2017 02:08 PM by Community Manager

Please consider adding an activate/deactivate sale prices option so that sale prices do not have to be adjusted individually every time one wants to start/stop a sale. Very, very time consuming when done this way. A switch would be so much better! One could just leave the sale prices entered and turn them on or off as needed. 


Thanks Smiley Happy

When I copy a Product, I want the Product Page to copy as well.

Status: New Idea
by Dispensinglink on ‎03-23-2017 02:20 PM - last edited on ‎03-26-2017 08:46 AM by Community Manager

The copy feature is great for my company, because we offer many similar items with variations. But every time I copy a product I have to re-build that product page as well.


It would be great if it also produced a copy of the product page! It would save me some time.


Thanks Weebly! You've been making my webdesign easy since 2013!

Set default number of products to view in the store back end

Status: New Idea
by CulinarySolvent on ‎03-29-2017 08:34 AM - last edited a month ago by Community Manager

Current default is set to 10 products.


This limit of 10 requires many extra clicks every time I want to edit products that are not the first 10 to be displayed.


Please make weebly remember what the last setting was (remembering I want to view 25 products, or 50 or whatever).




Please make weebly store backend show all products by default.



I would love to be able to have my customers post reviews for each of my products. But, only if they have purchased the product  It would have a star option and a place to enter a comment. Then a tag beside it that says, "Verified Purchase". Sorta like Amazon is doing. Then the star rating could then be shared along with the product to social media if the product is shared. This would make me so happy! 

e-commerce improvements!

Status: New Idea
by social_signs ‎12-18-2016 07:17 PM - edited ‎12-29-2016 07:50 PM

I have an online printing company and my customers need to be able to have way more features offered on my site if we want to remain competitive


1. Customer Logins/Accounts

    -retail customers with retail pricing

    -reseller customer logins with better (lower) pricing structure (for ex./ a reseller will login and get 20% off all products and different discounts can be set on different products BUT only specific customers or category of customers)

    -wishlist/favorites/save for later

    -reorder button

   -order history page

   -saved customer profiles with saved shipping address, saved billing address, saved payment method

    -saved uploaded files for cx to reorder with on different products


2. Checkout

    -edit cart

    -invoice options


    -check or other payment option

    -split payment options

   -Suggestions/ Add-On Items!!


3. Products/Categories

---Set discounts for certain Products or categories without having to set each variant individually. We should be able to set a discount and it auto apply the discount and show the new amount the cx will pay. With the reg. price crossed out. And even better if we could restrict the customers who get certain discounts.

----For "Service" products - give an option to add variants on these. We offer design services, but also need cx's to provide the product and size and other details regarding the design request. It's a hassle to have them fill out a custom contact form and then tell them to purchase the design separately.


4. Variants on Products

-Set SKU for all without having to input individually for each variant


-BIGGEST COMPLAINT, is that certain Variants should be able to be set as "optional" or "required". With my GoDaddy site, a variant could be completely optional allowing for more variants to be added. And the optional variant had its own completely separate pricing so we don't have to go through the trouble of calculating the new cost of that variant (item) is added.


For ex./

Banner Stand $150

Add-On item Variant: LED light

LED Light is +$60 - customers just see an option to add an LED light for $60 and can completely ignore it if they don't want it. And they see the product price increase by $60 if they select it.



5. Reviews

-I have an existing Yotpo account and would love to be able to add those existing reviews. We had tons of 5 star reviews and now we can't even showcase them!


6. Website editor

-Add a Footer Menu option!!!

-give an option to save certain contact forms so they can be added to other pages without having to recreate it every time!


7. Orders

-Edit Shipping Address if customer makes a mistake or needs to change an address (right now this can only be done when you are trying to mark an order as shipped which isn't very helpful)

-Add order notes regarding anything for any changes or special instructions the customer left off.

-More status options, maybe even "custom statuses", for example "proofing", "in production", "preparing for shipment", "shipped" and easier way to add and show tracking status.

-Definitely would love to see something like live shipping/tracking status the way Etsy can.

-Be able to create MANUAL ORDERS and INVOICES



8. Discount Codes

-give a set discount or discounts for all or select products to certain members/customers

-be able to set discount codes to be used ONE USE per customer!!! We want to be able to offer a set Welcome coupon that we don't have to worry about customer's reusing over and over again. Just one use and they can't reuse it.



9. Quote Tool / Shipping Estimator

-quote or shipping estimator form/tool that way our customers don't have to actually add items to the cart to get grand total pricing and cost of shipping

Changing the Filename of uploaded PRODUCT images in the STORE (For better SEO)

Status: New Idea
by JustImagine on ‎07-19-2016 12:23 PM - last edited on ‎08-05-2016 08:14 PM by Employee Moderator

Vote for this if you want your product images be found by search engines.


As much as I was excited about much needed and long asked for changes in file names of images, I am disappointed to learn that these changes do not apply to store/product images. (screaming WHY???)


I hope that the changes will be made to the product images too. If any of you have a shop on your site, you know what I am talking about.


 - most sites who use ecommerce are about selling products and getting images "out there". These sites don't just post pictures to gallery, they post pictures of products to their store.


- most sites who use ecommerce are paying for business plan. It means that most paying customers are at disadvantage now, because the change in picture URL does not apply to store images.

Sold Out Sticker on Product image

Status: New Idea
by LVS on ‎09-10-2016 11:53 AM - last edited on ‎10-19-2016 04:02 PM by Employee Moderator

It would be beneficial to have a "Sold Out" sticker appear on the product image in the store when an item has sold out.  Customers currently have to click on the product to see if the item is available or sold out.  My products are each unique and I can only sell one item (no duplicates available).  It is inconvenient for my customers to have to click on each item to see if it is still available and I am currently having to change the titles of the items to include the words "sold out" so that viewing is easier.  

Option to have customers upload a file in product section or during checkout. THIS IS A MUST!

Status: New Idea
by mrbudders on ‎02-14-2017 02:47 PM - last edited on ‎02-15-2017 08:20 AM by Community Manager

I've been with Weebly a couple of years and I can't believe this option still has not taken place.  My customers need to be able to upload photos/logo files either when choosing a spefic product or during checkout.  Asking them to do so after the fact drives customers away and doesn't work with my business.  Please add this option ASAP. 

Product Feed via XML for Google Shopping, Facebook Business Manager, etc.

Status: New Idea
by eo1n on ‎02-28-2017 12:31 PM - last edited on ‎02-28-2017 01:43 PM by Community Manager

In order to be a successful online store, it's necessary to not only have your Website hosted on Weebly but to also have your products show up on Facebook, Google Shopping, eBay, Amazon, etc.


One easy way to do this is to submit an XML file to Google Merchant Centre, Facebook Business Manager, etc. so that you can have an automatic and dynamically populated catalogue for potentially millions of cutomers on Facebook, Google and more!


If a basic sitemap can be easily generated in an XML format then I don't see why the same can't be done for the products as well.


I am not the first one to ask for this feature or something similar and I am sure I won't be the last.


This feature would be especially invaluable if you have more than just a couple of products (my shop has over 600 and it keeps growing). So please sort this out.

It is not enough to say export products and use that for uploading to whichever service, as the CSV file doesn't provice information like the URL to the product, the image URLs of the products, etc.


Shopify is running rings around Weebly with features like these.

Get on it, Weebly!


Status: New Idea
by teamgoldcrew on ‎03-19-2017 09:51 AM - last edited on ‎03-19-2017 11:47 AM by Community Manager

you guys did great adding the ability to have 100? products under each said product. when you creat a product you can have like, 7 pages of options at 15 per page i think i saw. so i guess 105 options. but i sell car parts, wheels is the major one, coming in multiple sizes, offsets, bolt patterns and colors. and i have to constantly hinder myself over something silly like "options"


if it were you, would you continue to contact someone who didn't have the option readily available, even if their description (considering you read it all) said the option is doable? hell no lol half the time you don;t even read that stuff all the way. instead, you go find it somewhere else. so how much business am i losing because i can't show all the options i offer?

Weebly e-commerce needs to extend to a time-limited subscription based model for selling tuition

Status: New Idea
by makingamark on ‎02-22-2017 08:10 AM - last edited on ‎02-22-2017 11:50 AM by Community Manager

I have friends who are individual educators (i.e. not affiliated to an organisation) who sell tutorials either individually or packaged as a subscription service for a month, six months or a year at a time for access to all tutorials

I tell them that Weebly is a great site. They tell me it doesn't deliver what they need it to do.

They tell me they are unable to work out how to set this up on Weebly (i.e. the e-commerce seems to be very product orientated as opposed to service orientated - over a period of time).

What they want to be able to do is:
* have a menu for different subscription options for accessing a private part (i.e. non-public) part of the site
* enable an easy method for taking on subscriptions with all relevant details for continued communication (eg automated reminders for coming to the end of a subscription)
* provide a listing of all those who subscribe - including email addresses to allow adhoc communication or some sort of private but recorded messaging eg to set up a Skype call for private feedback


I tried looking to see how they might do it within existing functions and was forced to conclude they were right.


Weebly has missed out on an opportunity to enable people to sell services with a time limit via a subscription model.

[ PS Why does your bullet point function move the whole post to the right instead of the line I am trying to Bullet point? ]


Status: New Idea
by cooldude on ‎10-10-2016 07:20 PM

could you please put the option to chosse your language for people around the world


from cooldude

Making Digital Store Better

Status: New Idea
by Sarageir ‎04-17-2016 10:36 AM - edited ‎05-02-2016 04:27 PM

I feel that the Digital Store on Weebly could use some significant improvements. Here are just a few ideas:

- Customers being able to choose which file format you would like to download the product in.

   - Customers being able to download product in more than one file format but still for the price of one.


- Being able to disable zooming into product image (Magnifying glass feature)