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Hello dear Weebly community,


I have been a loyal and long time user of Weebly website creator. I love this website and how easy it is to use for non-coders. I have a request that everyone would agree with me to add on Weebly website creator. I would like to be able to add read more break and dynamic pagination on my normal HTML pages in addition to the blog posts. You already have the "read more break" feature on blog posts in Aroma theme but you didn't give the same option to the normal HTML pages. 

Also, dynamic pagination can help us a lot because when I create **bleep** loads of content my page extend like sheets and it doesn't help in the organization of the website. 


Is there a chance to add these features on Weebly any time soon? I am really excited to see these new features. I am sure it will serve a great deal to your customers and keep them happy for a long time. Please hear me out. Thanks.


Any help & guidance would much be appreciated.


Yours sincerely,

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