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Related Content Widget in Blog

Status: New Idea
by johnqrockz on ‎03-23-2016 09:55 PM

Hellow Weebly,


1. Can we have a feature like in those other blogs where you can insert widgets like - that says
"Most Recent Posts" or
"Related Stories" or
"Recommended for you" or
"Most Popular'

which can be helpful at times if you have a bigger blog with a lot of posts.


2. Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnails
-Recent posts widget which allows me to show a preview of the most recent content, right on my home page or blog page.
This will attract more visitors and stay longer on my website.


3. Show Related Stories Under Each Post with thumbnails
- A blog widget that appears under my each post, linking to related stories from my blog archive.


4. Recommended For You with thumbnails:
- A widget that also gives old content revived circulation, making them accessible to new or casual readers of my blog who would not otherwise encounter them.
In this, has an option to let me choose how far back I want my archived posts to be recommended.


5. Most Popular with thumbnails
-a widget that can pull automatically the most popular articles you have written or posts.

I want these kind of widgets because these widgets engage my audiences and discover similar posts that I have written and I don't want those old posts go to waste.


Thanks and more power.