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From what I can tell, Weebly recently made a major change to the available themes. In any case, the theme Saucy, on which I had started designing a new website isn't available anymore.

Saucy required placing a logo into the image section of the header, and somehow that functionality is really broken for me (I won't go into detail here). Instead, I now would like to switch to a theme where the logo is displayed in the header menu itself, albeit in a bit larger size. PurpleHaze would probably be perfect, if it actually had the search textbox in the header menu.

One of the main reasons why I switched from a free to a paid Weebly subscription was the support for search from the header menu. After trying out all types of currently available themes (as of 10/25) I have to conclude that the header menu search is virtually eliminated from the available Weebly themes.

Please add this feature to the new themes, and also bring back the older themes once you have verified that the Sections feature works with them (this is based on feedback from a Weebly support agent).Thank you for your consideration, Christoph


Status: Archived