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PDF files included in pages and blogs indexed by search box

Status: New Idea
by Tenner on ‎03-28-2016 11:33 AM - last edited on ‎03-30-2016 11:36 AM by Community Manager

Allowing indexing of standard files like ,pdf or ,doc, docx etc would add important practical value by allowing users/ readers to find instantly the precise content they seek. I imagine this as attractive feature and competitive advantage.

Thanks to the development team for considering this soon.


Best Regards,

Ioan Tenner

Geneva, Switzerland

Hide pages from search-box

Status: New Idea
by RWonline on ‎03-28-2016 02:02 PM

It's currently not possible to hide a custom 404-page or some other pages, which you don't want to be shown in the search-box in your own site, to be hidden from the search-box.

My idea is putting a switch in the (advanced) page settings to hide a page from the search-box.

For any questions you can reply on this post and I will answer a.s.a.p.