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HTTPS should be free for all sites

Status: New Idea
by MarijkeD on ‎01-24-2017 11:53 AM - last edited on ‎01-24-2017 12:31 PM by Community Manager

To rank higher on google, HTTPS (secure site) is a must. Other website builders such as Jimdo now offer this free for every level of their paid subscription sites. (see:

When is Weebly planning to do this? If not soon, a lot of people will go to other providers!

Let's make SSL an option for all plans

Status: New Idea
by IP on ‎02-02-2017 10:12 PM - last edited on ‎02-05-2017 09:16 AM by Community Manager

Right now SSL is super glitchy. I have a business plan and it's been days since I've been trying to enable SSL for the site. Despite being escalated to the development team, SSL is still down. I did everything right, pointed A records to, but still not working, and we can't go live until SSL is working properly. 


This would not be an issue if SSL was a standard option for all plans. Wix just made this an option, and there it's even free, so why can't Weebly compete on internet security?


Security Changes to Google Chrome - "not secure" notification

Status: New Idea
by thealamenthe1 on ‎02-18-2017 07:11 AM - last edited on ‎02-19-2017 08:10 AM by Community Manager

There is a new requirement placed by Google to make all websites secured through SSL certificates. They have announced that the latest Chrome browser version will warn users on websites that are not using SSL (https). For those websites, Chrome will present a message in the address bar that reads ‘not secure’.


Weebly should Include free or at nominal cost, SSL certificates for all account levels ASAP.

HTTPS Encryption / SSL Option for all Packages - SEO Best Practice

Status: New Idea
by BizTechCoaching ‎09-29-2016 01:52 PM - edited ‎11-09-2016 08:39 PM

Now that Chrome has been updated to basically shame websites that are not secured, it would be good to have the option to purchase and enable HTTPS/SSL for any paid site since this is a best practice for SEO. I saw in another community post that there are no plans at this time to make this option available for anything below the Business package but I hope that is reconsidered if there is enough user support. Weebly is a great platform and keeps getting better, but it would be unfortunate to have to accept that using Weebly means that you will not be able to adhere to certain SEO best practices.


For reference, here is the post from the Google Webmaster Central Blog back in 2014: HTTPS as a ranking signal

SSL should be in the PRO account, it is going to be a basic need in SEO!!

Status: New Idea
by kvdweijden on ‎02-02-2017 02:04 AM - last edited on ‎02-02-2017 10:43 AM by Community Manager

Google is going to rank sites with a SSL certificate better. Google allready does this, but it's going to be way more important in 2017. 


At this moment, the only option with Weebly to have an SSL certificate on your website is to upgrade your account, which means you'll pay like 12 dollars/month extra. That is 144 each year, and that while a SSL certificatie could be free when using things like "lets encrypt" of cheap via other ways (like 10 each year).


This is understandable when you are running a webshop and therefore need a whole lot of additional functions in Weebly (and also the SSL certificate), but not having a SSL certificatie is now going to be a big issue in SEO also.... 


I am running 15 websites whith weebly and I am fine with my PRO account at this moment (not doing webshops), but would only need an upgrade for the SSL certificatie. This because of Google is going to push back the ranking of websites without SSL. So at this point, I have 2 choises: 

1: Going to pay like 144 each year per site (2160 each year for my company)

2: Moving my websites to another system like wordpress or others. 


Well.. Paying 2160 extra for only adding SSL certificates to my websites while this COULD be free.... I don't feel very comfortable with that (as you may understand ;-) ). 


I would strongly advise Weebly to make SSL certificates available in the basic or pro accounts, because of this is going to be some kind of website-basic-need in the future.Not only for myself, but for every website which is willing to be found in Google. Google is even gonna warn people that they are visiting a website without SSL... well.. what would your customers (without much knoledge about internet) think about a website where they are "warned" that is it's not secure....


I think this is going to be a major argument for lots of people to choose another company to host their websites. So would it please be possible to put this in at least the pro accounts? 

Please include or sell SSL certificates for plans less than the business plan.

Status: New Idea
by PatLondon on ‎03-29-2017 07:01 AM - last edited on ‎03-29-2017 08:12 AM by Community Manager

Simply - Please include or sell SSL certification for Weebly plans for starter and pro plans. Our websites now look insecure when accessed on Chrome and presumably other browsers in the very near future. Thank you.


HTTPS now necessary on any website

Status: New Idea
by AnotherHoward on ‎01-17-2017 09:53 AM - last edited on ‎01-17-2017 10:41 AM by Community Manager

People are already raising this issue with Weebly- time to hear a response!  From January 2017, sites without HTTPS get a red 'not secure' notice when visited from a Chrome browser.  This will certainly deter some visitors, and probably have a direct impact on SEO ranking.

I never regretted choosing Weebly seven years ago, but this development has me very concerned.

If WordPress can offer HTTPS for log-in, why not Weebly?

Howard.  Devon, UK.

Need HTTPS / SSL certificate for the main domain

Status: Alternative Suggestion Provided
by tellyipock on ‎02-11-2017 02:07 PM - last edited on ‎02-12-2017 08:34 AM by Community Manager

Need HTTPS / SSL certificate for the main domain

Status: Alternative Suggestion Provided

Currently, if you upgrade to Business you can enable SSL on the Settings tab. You can also choose to use it only for checkout, or for the entire site.

Don't need a business plan but need SSL Certificates and have multiple websites at Lower price.

Status: New Idea
by revpennydean on ‎03-08-2017 01:47 PM - last edited on ‎03-09-2017 10:57 AM by Community Manager

I have 8 websites. I am not selling my own products so I do not see the need to upgrade to a business plan for them. I notice the SSL certificates are only available on the Business plan and Performance plan. I run Google Adsense ads and Amazon ads in an effort to make some money. The profits from these ads is less than $50.00 a month and most months less than $20.00 since most viewers know to skip over the ads to get to the web content they want to view. This means the cost of upgrading to Business or Performance Plans would actually cost me more than twice what I make on the websites. A business plan for one website is $25.00 so if you multiply that by my 8 websites it would cost me $200.00 a month which would be a poor business choice on my end, since my profits are rarely over $20.00 for all sites combined. I would be $180.00 in the hole every month. So I think there should be a plan for website owners like myself who do not sell their own products and are not taking personal bank information to get a SSL certificate for each website without having to buy a Business plan or Performance plan. Even a Starter plan at $8.00 a month would cost me $68.00 a month for my 8 websites but would be useless to me if I cannot get the SSL certificate. Ever since Google made the changes for the SSL I am not getting any sales on my Amazon or Google ads because people are now thinking my sites are unsafe. I understand weebly didn't make these SSL requirements but for website owners who are not making money on their ads it is crazy to force people to pay for upgrades that they cannot afford. I am disabled and on a fixed income. I would have to go without electricity in my home in order to afford the Business plan. If I were making money on the ads I wouldn't mind paying that but I am not.

SSL Certificate

Status: New Idea
by mytriptopetra on ‎12-14-2016 08:07 AM - last edited on ‎12-14-2016 11:58 AM by Community Manager

Hello guys

would you please provide paid SSL certificate outside the plans where any website can have it, you provide email, you provide many other paid applications, why not SSL certificate, you disallow theird party SSL certificate as well is this fair??!!!


SSL without ecommerce business upgrade

Status: New Idea
by bottomlines on ‎01-09-2017 10:27 AM - last edited on ‎01-09-2017 11:25 AM by Community Manager

It would be nice if you were comptitive with other providers like GoDaddy and more in allowing us pro members to only get ssl for our sites without the full blown business upgrade. Difference in price for us is 69.00 to 300.00 anually. At the very least allow us to use someone like our domain supplier to provide this lower cost service through you.

Please consider,



Free SSL Certificate from Let's Encrypt

Status: New Idea
by Lunchgate on ‎03-30-2016 10:59 PM - last edited on ‎04-19-2016 03:08 PM by Community Manager



At the moment the only way to get ssl encryption is with the business plan, but if you don't need those features, it's quite expensive!


A few weeks ago my hoster introduced the free certificates from Let's Encrypt. I think the future of the internet is encrypted and therefore the other plans should also get the ssl option.


Greetings from Switzerland

Offer SSL Certificate for all your plans just like Wix.

Status: New Idea
by Uzo on ‎02-09-2017 01:43 PM - last edited on ‎02-09-2017 01:50 PM by Community Manager

Previously, someone who had a business plan could pay $10 to get an SSL certificate. Now that it has become automatically included for the business plan. Why not offer it for $10 to the plans below the business plan or just make it free for all plans just alike Wix has done for their customers? 

SSL for ALL Sites!

Status: New Idea
by 27thlettermedia on ‎12-09-2016 09:30 AM - last edited on ‎12-11-2016 08:30 AM by Community Manager

Given the recent news from Google and Apple, we should have the option of purchasing and adding SSL certificates to ANY Weebly site regardless of whether or not it has a store. Many of our clients are asking for it and we can't provide it to them from Weebly OR a 3rd Party...


Not secure

free ssl certificates !

Status: New Idea
by TheWolf987 on ‎08-09-2016 05:12 AM - last edited on ‎08-10-2016 03:27 PM by Employee Moderator

hi , this feature is just a suggestion and i dont mean the weebly certificates to be free like a paid ssl , i mean a free ssl integration system to be used from lets encrypt or cloudflare or else .......    


thank you and i hope to add this feature

Extended Verification SSL certificates

Status: New Idea
by babybigfox on ‎06-28-2016 10:41 AM - last edited on ‎07-07-2016 06:13 PM by Employee Moderator

Weebly should offer better SSL certificates so that your company name is in the browser address bar like this (extra security). Maybe part of the business plan?




It makes your website extra secure, plus, it looks cool!

3rd Party SSL Certificates

Status: New Idea
by mdonthadl on ‎12-29-2016 03:32 PM - last edited on ‎12-30-2016 10:56 AM by Community Manager

Allow the implementation of 3rd Party SSL Certificates

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SSL encryption for all weebly pages

Status: New Idea
by MikyMike 3 weeks ago - last edited 3 weeks ago by Community Manager

Google is starting to index non-SSL encrypted sites lower on the google search ranking. 

Weebly should be making all websites SSL encrypted or at least for a lesser fee then 35€a month! 


"To help users browse the web safely, Chrome indicates connection security with an icon in the address bar. Historically, Chrome has not explicitly labelled HTTP connections as non-secure. Beginning in January 2017 (Chrome 56), we’ll mark HTTP pages that collect passwords or credit cards as non-secure, as part of a long-term plan to mark all HTTP sites as non-sec......... More on:

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Secure Clients Login Screen for Designer Clients

Status: New Idea
by enlightworks on ‎01-14-2017 08:56 AM - last edited on ‎01-15-2017 08:55 AM by Community Manager

Can you please add the capability to add and SSL Cert to the "editmysite" login/client login screens for clients of the Designer Accounts. Especially if a Designer account client paid for the professional account that comes with an SSL cert. 


Or add Two-Factor authentication to the Desinger account client login (editmysite) screen?


The lack of security for this login screen can make Designer liable to security breaches or hack attempts of our clients websites. 

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Issue SSL cert for domain without www

Status: New Idea
by compositor on ‎04-24-2016 03:58 PM - last edited on ‎04-27-2016 11:20 AM by Employee Moderator

I setup custom domain redirects to

I turn SSL on

I expect redirects to

I observe that SSL cert for is invalid!



This is totally inacceptable. Certificates with regular price of 69$ (which you compare yourself with) include both and so this is a bug.



In my real live scenario I had a website under with HSTS (forward secrecy) on. Now when I (oe my previous visitors) type in in browser, the browser instantly goes to and returns broken certificate error.


(Also I observe that with SSL you redirect -> ->; I suspect that from HSTS prospective the only valid redirect is -> httpS:// ->



Overall, please issue domain cert and check the redirect order. The current implementation is a bug who affects real customers with past HSTS settings