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Accounts for Customers

Status: It's in Our Queue.
by millimil on ‎03-12-2016 11:06 AM


I operate an online shop and have been quite pleased with the ease of use and ability to edit quickly when I'm busy. 

Well, my customers have asked many times if they can look at past orders, see the tracking info, set up subcription payment plan etc. This would be a wonderful feature for those of us with online shops or business.


Status: New Idea
by tradey on ‎08-07-2016 10:56 AM - last edited on ‎08-10-2016 03:07 PM by Employee Moderator

I sometimes feel like it takes decades for Weebly to respond back to my question. Sometimes we need quick answers, and people living across the globe with different timezones also need to have questions answered as soon as possible. I don't like to keep submiting tickets back and forth and waiting for the next day for a reply. I hope that Weebly seriously considers a 24/7 live chat support system to help and aid users from around the world. Many users even post their problems and issues in the community awaiting and praying for an answer to arrive, with many of whom are left unanswered! Yes that is true. I've scrolled upon dozens and dozens of posts with 0 kudos and 0 comments. I personally don't think this is working well. What do you think? I'm all ears. Smiley Wink

Weebly known issues section

Status: New Idea
by ammonitegems on ‎06-22-2017 01:59 PM - last edited on ‎06-22-2017 06:37 PM by Employee Moderator

You should have a section on here with the weebly known issues - so that users can see what is wrong with certain areas and if there is downtime. have this system, and although they seem to have multiple problems, at least we could see if there was known problems and commonly reported ones.  It would let users know, perhaps cut down the number of requests, tickets and enquiries, and although the tech team to get on with fixing problems.


I think being honest about problems is best, people will have more patience if they see other people experiencing the same thing.  Some people don't know how to put their issues into words, or talk technical, so if there are home page log in problems or a certain part of the editor is not working, a page called Known issues would be a one stop area for people looking as to why they cannot do something in particular on their sites.


I left webs because they were awful since they were bought out.  But that one thing they did have that worked was highlighting when they had problems, and then marking them off as fixed and resolved.    All websites have problems, but knowing you are not alone is the best thing. There is nothing worse than thinking you are the only one who has that issue.  The one thing webs did wrong was that they waited until many, many, many people contacted them with the same problem before making it priority fix.  That is why I left and came over to weebly.

Access to MY file directory

Status: New Idea
by rjhicks on ‎08-16-2016 09:49 AM - last edited on ‎08-31-2016 04:51 PM by Employee Moderator

It has come to my attention that I have no access to my website file directory, and furthermore, that when I delete text that linked to a file, that file still resides in my directory and is still accessible by anyone who knows the URL.  This is a serious defect, and users need to have access to our own directory.  I was told to send file addresses one by one to the help desk, and they will delete them.  This is not an acceptable solution.  


Does anyone know if I can in the meantime work around by using Fetch or other FTP applications?


Please vote for User File Directory Access




Notification button added on website to inform users when there is no "live chat" available

Status: New Idea
by magpieblueyes on ‎07-30-2016 08:09 AM - last edited on ‎08-03-2016 03:21 PM by Employee Moderator

It seems that no matter when I log into the help center- 9:30am CST, or 3:30pm CST, or any other time during business hours lately, the "chat" button does not appear. I understand that it is because if there are no representatives available to chat, the button will not appear. However, to the user - it just looks like it is not appearing, which is confusing and misleading. It makes it look like it is missing, or that the page didn't load correctly. 


I suggest adding text/dialogue/some sort of notification under "Contact us" letting people know WHY the "chat" button is not there, so that people don't look all over the place or call the 1-844 number to ask about this. I'm sure that it would be helpful for people to know this. 


And by the way, if this is a very busy time of the year and you are getting flooded with chat sessions; therefore, making chat not available, perhaps hire more people seasonally for this time of the year. Plenty of people are trying to get ready for the new school year, and plenty others, I'm sure, would appreciate the extra employment.



Community Grammar Auto-Correction!

Status: New Idea
by tradey on ‎07-27-2016 09:00 AM - last edited on ‎08-03-2016 03:28 PM by Employee Moderator

I don't know if anybody has realized it yet, but when writing posts, there is no auto-correction available, and so people can do a lot of mistakes when typing. However, it's not Weebly's fault as the system is powered by another third party which is Lithium. Hope this can be fixed. Thx.

I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this at the moment but there are some weird things happening with the weebly service. yesterday I raised several support tickets to Weebly:


1. The Slideshow widget won't upload images, just hangs, when you cancel the uploads it crashes the site editor and won't let you access the element menu until you refresh the page


2. If you click on the Support link in your Account Dashboard it logs you out of Weebly. 


I was only able access the Support area by typing the Weebly Help URL directly into the browser address bar. As yet I have had no reply from Weebly to either support tickets. I have checked the Weebly Facebook page and there are multiple reports of websites missing and other issues. 


Wouldn't It Be Nice


If Weebly established an official Service Status Page which we as users could check to see:

  • Current issues reported by users.
  • Current Known Service issues that Weebly know about and are working on to resolve.
  • Recently reported issues that Weebly now believe to be resolved. 

without having to resort to Facebook. 

Status: Hurray! We're Done!

You can visit our status page here:


We're still working on making it more visible, but it IS up an running!


Thanks, and enjoy your day,



Becoming a .BE registrar or reseller to sell .BE domain names as well. 



Weebly is popular in Belgium and it's way more easier to set up your domain name and hosting services on one central place. 



By becoming a registrar with DNS Belgium ( or becoming a reseller of .BE registrar (

Status: Archived

Giving back to Weebly

Status: Archived
by bobafett on ‎03-05-2016 02:05 PM

Perhaps Weebly should insert some ‘feature & plugin checker’ in their publishing software to prevent theft of their intellectual property. This could increase their bottom line by increasing revenues.


I am writing this because I love Weebly and I want them to stay in business for the next few decades.


It is very easy to cheat Weebly. For example, even I could remove the Weebly footer from free Weebly sites. I have seen website contractors who basically run ‘Weebly mills’ asking on Upwork to make code to install (and give them codes) video plugin to Weebly headers for $20 (the final price was $25). The same contractors would pay $30 to have a Weebly site built.


I am sure it is not that difficult to have a ‘checking’ algorithm which checks for valid allowed options during publishing stage (same way as it checks if Free Weebly accounts are eligible to have a shopping cart or can they add products or not).


Ponder and act if my suggestion is good for Weebly’s health or not.

Status: Archived

Copying Blogs when Site Copy is made

Status: Archived
by WebfireThemes on ‎05-26-2016 08:50 AM - last edited on ‎05-18-2017 07:11 PM by Employee Moderator

Hi Guys.


If a customer is using a custom theme or has a page they are planning to customise heavily copying the page is normally a good start, so you don't break your Live website.


Normally our recommendation when a customer wants to update their version of theme they purchased from us, or swap from a standard theme to a custom theme etc, is to copy the site. work on the copy then publish the copy as the live website when done.


The issue is however blog content doesn't copy across. this makes life a bit painful unfortunately.


Is there any scope to have an option that allows the user to "Copy blog" when they copy their website?


I know I'm asking purely from a selfish point of view with Custom themes. but this feature would actually be awesome regardless of the theme you're using as people may want to do an overhaul on their site but do it without their existing live site being touched..


Thanks guys.

Status: Archived
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Weebly Websites need faster performance

Status: New Idea
by Creature Monday - last edited Thursday

I recently noticed how slow my website was loading, just before I was about to share it with a potential business investor and decided to perform a website speed test ( The over all rating it received was a C. Only faster than about 28% of all websites out there. So my website is SLOWER than 72% of all websites. Smiley Sad WTH! 


Here are some of the issues it pointed out as reason for it being slow, apparently the worst ones:


Parallelize downloads across hostnames (not utilizing)
Grade: 0/F


Leverage browser caching (bunch of things can be improved)
Grade: 39/F


Combine external JavaScript (room for improvement)
Grade: 40/F


There are 6 JavaScript files served from They should be combined into as few files as possible.


There are 5 JavaScript files served from www."mysite".com. They should be combined into as few files as possible.



There are 3 JavaScript files served from They should be combined into as few files as possible.


Resources with a "?" in the URL are not cached by some proxy caching servers. Remove the query string and encode the parameters into the URL for the following resources:


There are 3 CSS files served from They should be combined into as few files as possible.


There are 2 CSS files served from They should be combined into as few files as possible.,700,400italic,700italic&subset=latin,latin-ext,700&subset=latin,latin-ext



Weebly, Please improve the  poor load performance of our websites due to site editor issues. Again, I noticed how slow it was loading, which prompted me to find out what the hell the problem was and run a load test on my site. I have had multiple issues with how slow my website loads after switching to weebly and I have reported it before, with zero customer service or care from Weebly. Please update what can be updated to improve the load time.

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Can We Have A Money Contest!

Status: Archived
by tradey on ‎08-16-2016 04:02 AM - last edited on ‎08-31-2016 04:49 PM by Employee Moderator

I would like to earn some hard cold cash in a Weebly contest whereby users compete against each other on who can build a great looking website under a limited time. Hope that Weebly plans for something spectacular this fall. Thx for listening Smiley Happy

Status: Archived
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Google Apps renew email needs to say which domain

Status: Archived
by matt-declaire on ‎08-15-2016 05:11 PM - last edited on ‎08-31-2016 04:44 PM by Employee Moderator

I got notice that my Google Apps service renewed today, but it doesn't say which one.

Status: Archived
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Status: Archived
by tradey on ‎07-27-2016 12:52 PM - last edited on ‎07-28-2016 09:25 PM by Employee Moderator

There seems to be a lot of people who actually don't deserve to be in here, and i won't say their names, but i think the following settings must co-exist inside the community's settings.


-Ability to block a user without the possiblity of seeing the person's created post.

-Ability to block a user from commenting on the person's created post.

-Ability to disable a user from tagging/mentioning a user's nickname in his/her post.

-Ability to disable a user from viewing the person's profile page.

-Ability to disable a user from sending the person a private message.

-Ability to disable a user from replying to a post other than the person's created post.


Yes, these options NEED to be IMPLEMENTED ASAP just for one reason; to bring fairness and peace of mind for users from being bothered by unwanted pesky and irritating individuals inside the community.

Status: Archived
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Change the Color of Print Site-Wide to Black

Status: Archived
by Wilma on ‎07-19-2016 09:09 AM - last edited on ‎08-05-2016 08:15 PM by Employee Moderator

The shades-of-gray print on the Weebly site is unreadable -- especially in the Help pages. The grays also do not print well. Even when I try to fill out a form to request support, the gray in the boxes is even lighter than on the page.


Also, I'm working on a PowerPoint presentation about Weebly and would like to use screen-shots. Even in these, the print is so light that it becomes rereadable on the screen.


There are some people, like me, who have vision problems, and ligth colors -- especially gray -- just fade into the background on web pages. Having a darker print color would make the Weebly website more user-friendly and "handicapped-accessible" -- certainly things every website should strive for.  I would like to see the print changed to black.




Status: Archived
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Renew Website

Status: Archived
by LiviaPeterson1 on ‎07-01-2016 05:59 PM - last edited on ‎07-07-2016 05:51 PM by Employee Moderator

I have to renew my website in a few days, but cannot find to add payment method to renew it. How do I add a payment method on Weebly? Thanks.

Status: Archived