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Change the Drop Down Tabs to a different color to highlight movement.

Also,  change TABS to a different color PAGES

Blank Theme

Status: Alternative Suggestion Provided
by LadyJuse Monday - last edited Tuesday by Community Manager

I was thinking that it might be a good idea if Weebly offered a blank theme or at least a way for users to easily make their own custom themes. Using my own HTML files, I feel like I have been barred from using certain features...

Status: Alternative Suggestion Provided

The easiest way to develop a theme is to take one of ours and export it. It's a simple way to have something which is structurally compatible with Weebly.

Hi, I am a food blogger-new to Weebly, and would like to be able to use an app or plug-in to create and share recipes with my readers. It would be great to be able to use the same format with each recipe: for example a photo of the finished product, a title of the recipe, how long it takes to make, how many it serves, ingredients and directions. I would also like my readers to be able to download, print, email and share my recipes to social media. Is this possible on Weebly? You could create a Weebly theme specific to food bloggers with this feature! Thank you.  

Colourful, fun and funky templates

Status: New Idea
by InspiredCakes Monday - last edited Monday by Community Manager

Hello There, 


I currently am a client of weebly, and I have to say, it's been a bit disapponting for me, when it comes to templates. 


Can you please create more fun, colourful and yet professional templates, that moms like me, trying to build a business can use? I run a cake studio. 


Thank you. 

Complete Overhaul to Blog Tools

Status: New Idea
by newyorkave on ‎01-27-2017 11:20 AM - last edited on ‎01-30-2017 11:58 AM by Community Manager

I propose on behalf of my creative agency, and the 40+ websites we manage on Weebly, a complete overhaul of Weebly's blogging system and tools. It's dated, cumbersome, and a challenge to use aggressively to improve SEO.


Here is what we propose:


Management Similar to Members/E-Com

I recommend taking influence from the member management and e-commerce management systems with regard to blog management. For example, opening a menu to view/edit/sort your blog posts/categories/etc, would be a HUGE step forward. For us particularly, we manage very active blogs for our clients and when we need to make changes to older posts or changes to more than one post at a time, it's painful. 



This should be a no-brainer but along with multiple users accessing Weebly websites, you should be able to associate an author for every post on the blog. 


Layouts and Design

One of the things that make Weebly so great is the ease of use of the CMS and ability to swap themes and layouts fairly quickly. Unfortunately, the blog is limited to one layout and an option to turn on/off the sidebar. This alone is a disappointment and should be corrected by giving users the ability to choose from different layouts for BOTH their posts and the parent page (list of posts). I know I've seen many people request that the ability to show posts on the parent page in a more visual format versus a simple list...we agree. Lastly, the layout for the post and the layout for the parent should be able to be different from one another.


Category Display Per Post

There's no reason why categories are not displayed by default for each post. Most people like to sort through their reading by categories and can dig deeper into a website's blog content by reading more of one thing. As of today, Weebly users are limited by having one long list of categories and while within a single post, you have no idea what categories have been assigned.


Categories and Archives Display

Currently limited to the sidebar, the long list of archives and categories is creating a mess for many of our websites. We have since custom built our own solution for organization and display but my goodness, what happens when you have 4+ years of content?!?! For us, that's over 44 list items in the archives. We've also seen people beg for an option in this regard and it would seem to make the most sense for an overhaul.


Styled RSS Feeds

Hey Weebly...have you heard that content is king? Yes, you have and so has the rest of the world. To funnel people into more blog content, styled RSS feeds would be huge. The widget should also give the ability to filter the feed by category instead of just most recent and if possible, pull in the image from the post when applicable. Like the categories and archives display, we've custom built our own solution and it's a big hit with our customers. Making it easier for us to serve them will only improve our experience, and the experience of your millions of other users, with the platform.


Ability to Export

I shouldn't have to mention how important the content someone creates for an active blog is to their business and lives. Currently, Weebly's blog content is served up dynamically which prevents blogs from being copied over within your current website or to another website. In addition, there's no way to export the content from your blog. In fact, if you somehow accidently delete the blog page (which is suprisingly easy to do in Weebly), you lose it all. For us particularly, that would mean years and years and years of hard work and thousands and thousands of dollars. Hello?!?!


Ability to Import

This is another no-brainer. Users should be able to export their current blog content from SquareSpace or Wordpress and IMPORT it into Weebly. Need we say more here?


Better Social Media Buttons

They're ugly, outdated, and bulky. Also, why isn't there a LinkedIn option? These need revisiting BADLY. Also, why can't we turn them off if we don't want them? Right now, we're hiding them in the code and it's a pain.


Pagination, PLEASE

While Weebly users do have the ability to choose how many posts are displayed per page, the pagination itself is horrible. First, there's only next and previous. Where are the page numbers? Where's the jump to a page? More importantly, the styling here is dusty and needs to be refreshed.


Post Options

The post options are buried within two menus, to get to your set SEO title/display, you literally have to be two-three menus deep. This is unacceptable and causes many of our clients to forget the step. Options per post should be more easily accessible through a better-designed menu.


Unpublish Option

Users should have the ability to pull a post back into drafts. This is just common courtesy. Come on!


Bug Fixes

  • Blog categories with hyphens automatically create two different categories. For example, if you want a category called "E-Commerce", it will create two different categories: "E Commerce" and "E-Commerce". Since there isn't an effective way to remove categories, it's impossible to fix. Also, it creates major confusion for people browsing your blog content by category.
  • By default, all text content is full justified. Why? That makes no sense and doesn't happen anywhere else.


I know we're not the only ones with these recommendations and if you read news relevant to Weebly blog (lack of) features, you can see that even review websites are beginning to point out how poor Weebly is for building a blog. While they used to lead the charge here, they've fallen way behind.


Our hope is that an update is already on the way, but we are beginning to get desparate. It's a challenge managing this many sites that we also create massive amounts of blog content for. Also, since we encourage our clients to blog, blog, blog...can you imagine what type of complaints we've received? See above.


Thanks for giving this a thorough review and consideration.

Parallax scrolling for video headers and sections

Status: New Idea
by southtexasmike on ‎03-14-2017 11:40 AM - last edited on ‎03-15-2017 12:12 PM by Community Manager



I notice that when a header or section has a video background, the only available scrolling effects are "none" and "reveal".


Other hosts (who don't do responsive nearly as well as Weebly) already support parallax scrolling in front of video backgrounds, and we'd really like this for two of our pages.


Can Weebly make this available, pretty please?

Choose a button color of your liking

Status: New Idea
by Kenersej on ‎01-12-2017 09:39 AM - last edited on ‎01-12-2017 10:23 AM by Community Manager

It would be great, if we could change the color of the buttons to any of our choosing, without having to code it. 



Ken J. //


Status: New Idea
by DanielJCartier on ‎07-03-2016 02:07 PM - last edited on ‎07-07-2016 05:23 PM by Employee Moderator

Make themes with Mega-Menu Navigation!

I've talked to Weebly staff about this on numerous occasions and they tell me it's a feature people have requested. What "Mega Menu" means is that when you click on a menu header - a box opens up containing the entire menu navigation for that header. As websites become larger, it's a feature more clients are requesting. It makes large websites much easier to navigate. I've attatched some photo examples pulled from the web to demonstrate what I mean. :-)



Mega Menu #0



Mega Menu #1


Mega Menu #2



Access to image directory / File Manager

Status: New Idea
by cloonans on ‎02-26-2016 09:08 AM - last edited on ‎05-15-2016 10:18 AM by Community Manager

In other CMS platforms, the user has the ability to scroll through their image directory, so if you need an image again or on another page in the site, you can just reference it just like we already have the ability to do with files.  Currently, as far as I can tell, the only way to reference a previously used image is to find it on the site and use the URL or to upload it again.  Especially with photos, it would be nice not to have to keep the original files on a hard drive once they've been uploaded to the site.  I've had a few times where i had to search through blog histories to find a file I needed a year later.  If the image directory was easily available, I could have just selected the file from a list.

Header padding + Header Height

Status: New Idea
by Bene567 on ‎02-06-2017 01:41 PM - last edited on ‎02-06-2017 02:03 PM by Community Manager

Please give us options to adjust everything, headers, sections even the amount of space in the "contact form".



Change navigation text colour

Status: New Idea
by Mittyz 2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago by Community Manager



I've been playing trying to make the colour of my site look good however one feature I think would be useful would be to change the colour of the navigation menu with a drop down, rather than just having black of grey depending on if I have a light or dark theme, 


Thanks all,



Font changes

Status: New Idea
by yi on ‎01-25-2017 12:01 PM - last edited on ‎01-25-2017 02:27 PM by Community Manager

I can't believe somebody hasn't already asked for this, but I don't see it. I would like to change fonts on an individual page or paragraph without changing the font throughout the entire website. 

Custom Colour pallets

Status: New Idea
by Smikey on ‎02-27-2017 08:10 AM - last edited on ‎02-27-2017 12:43 PM by Community Manager

Weebly seems to do so many things wrong these day I have to slap myself to ask why we're still bothering after all these years (if your reading weebly odds are we won't be much longer)


The colour pallet is broken in every way.

Firstly almost nobody is going to use 90% of its colours (you dont even have black & white)


We use css to set most of our text colour but we have a few lines often enough that require a differnt colour of course we highlight the text & enter our custom colour hex code to change said text (which doesn't even always work)

Then to make it worse if we have another line further down the page we cant just highlight that & use the same hex code weebly won't change a thing unless we 1. use a colour on their chart & then and only then use the hex code yet again!


even with just 4 or 5 lines in 1 post this quickly becomes frustrating & time consuming like most other aspects of weebly these days.


on a quick side note the ability to transfer a blog post to another blog & create blog templates that we can continually just load up would save hours every week!

Here's the rub:


There are a variety of .less files in the newer themes such as Birdseye. It's a nice theme and the CSS is broken out into various, easy-to-navigate and edit bits of code. But the problem is that if you even touch the CSS in one of these files, your site gets flagged by Weebly support as having a custom theme.


You could change the color of the nav bar and only that but if you do, suddenly your site is no longer supported by Weebly.  As many Weebly site designers know, any customization, no matter how irrelevant from a support perspective, gives Weebly an out to say, "sorry, we can't support you since you are running a 'custom theme'. Their software has no ability to distinguish between a CSS tweak in a default file and a more serious custom theme that includes alternate HTML headers, additional js.min files, etc. CSS does not affect the speed or general functionality of a website. If someone raises a support ticket related to something that is clearly CSS related, then sure, Weebly could say, sorry, no can do. But there are many other issues that Weebly support should handle that are non-CSS related that they take themselves off the hook on if you changed a color in a default file.


Instead Weebly tells us that we need to add our CSS tweaks to the SEO header and use the !important tag, even though we all know that this is a no-no if you want to keep your CSS clean and speedy.


My recommendation:


1: Tweaks to the native CSS should not flag a site as "custom". Weebly can still refuse to support issues relating to CSS if the Weebly customer has altered that code, but this is easy enough for any competent Weebly customer support person to discern.




2: Provide GUI access to all primary default CSS.


For example, the following should be editable from the theme tab if we can't edit it in the theme file:


  • Ability to set the default background color, fill color, shade color, and font 1 and 2 (e.g. Birdseye uses "Montserrat", a font I don't like.  But because it is hard-coded into the "variables.less" file, the site loads Montserrat even though I don't want it or need it plus I have to go through all the font settings and change the default to my font preference.)
  • Ability to set height and width of logo area in the nav bar.
  • Ability to turn off and on the underline decoration for links.
  • Ability to set the color of the main nav drop down menus
  • Ability to set the hover color of the background for the main menus

And so on.  Right now, I have to deal with all of these in the SEO header code - not ideal.


There are just too many things that are inaccessible from the theme tab GUI right now. Either Weebly needs to offer more selectors from the editor or they need to allow us to tweak the CSS directly and yet still support a site as long as those tweaks are not custom HTML headers or extra jQuery files. I understand that it would be hard to support a site with lots of that kind of extra code but a user changing a BG color from #E0E0E0 to #FFFFFF or turning off link underlining should not make the site unsupportable.


How am I wrong here?



 EDIT: one thing I forgot to mention is that Weebly prides itself in having an editor that represents your page so well that they don't need to provide a preview function. HOWEVER, no CSS tweak you add to your SEO header will be represented in the Weebly editor.


So if you want to improve the look of your site with better CSS, you really can't see how it will look without publishing. 



Status: Alternative Suggestion Provided

If you don't need to modify any HTML templates or upload files, you can actually do this by adding CSS overrides to the header code field in Settings > SEO (along with !important declarations).


For example, if you add this it'll make every link on the site bold and red:





          color: red !important;

          font-weight: bold !important;



Ability to add Phone number and social icons to top of every theme via toggle

Status: New Idea
by jasonwitt on ‎03-04-2017 08:28 AM - last edited on ‎03-05-2017 08:20 AM by Community Manager

It could be something as simple as the black strip at the top of the "Aroma" theme. User could have the ability to toggle on or off under theme options.

More Styles for Header Fonts

Status: New Idea
by my_weebly_nyiee on ‎12-27-2016 04:47 PM - last edited on ‎12-28-2016 08:26 AM by Community Manager

An older version of Weebly offered users the option to make the header fonts more unique when compared to regular title or text fonts. I do like the "Edit Image" feature that allows me to modify the header image immediately, but this font feature should be brought back. Based on feedback on my own site, the newest fonts for the headers are no longer palatable to my clientele because they are bland and boring.

Ability to add color to Contact Form buttons

Status: New Idea
by jasonwitt on ‎03-03-2017 07:57 PM - last edited on ‎03-05-2017 08:21 AM by Community Manager

Would also be nice if we could change the size and style of the button.

Font size and image sizes should show numerically

Status: New Idea
by iantresman on ‎12-05-2016 01:02 PM - last edited on ‎12-05-2016 02:28 PM by Community Manager

It would be incredibly useful if the font size and image size, could be (a) shown numerically (b) entered numerically.


At the moment, trying to use the same font size from one page to another is guess work: do I click the + twice, or is it three times? Likewise images, no idea.


I should be able to see that the text is set to size "4" (if you want to make it easy), but better to show 12px.


Likewise, images must show the width and height, otherwise there is no way to be consistent from page to page.

Customization of the Blog Comment Form

Status: New Idea
by DebParkerson on ‎03-06-2017 06:06 AM - last edited on ‎03-06-2017 07:53 AM by Community Manager

The fields on the comment form need to be customizable. For many of my clients, it simply doesn't make sense for their to be a website field. Most of the people visiting my clients' websites and filling out a comment form do not have their own websites or, if they do, their website has nothing to do with the reason they're commenting/visiting the site. These fields should be customizable OR at least there should be an option to remove certain fields. 

Brisk Theme | Adding Telephone and Email Details to the Header!

Status: New Idea
by freshgroup on ‎01-01-2017 10:45 AM - last edited on ‎01-01-2017 11:26 AM by Community Manager

Hi Everyone - Weebly support suggest I put this idea out to the Weebly community


Idea - Add contact details of your choice (EG; telephone number and email address hyperlinked of course) to the top part of the header and be able to size it yourself and position just above the menu bars to make it obvious and clearly visable


The reason for wanting this improvement is simple - I think anyone viewing any page on a website should always be able to see and act on a call for action


I hope the community responds positively to this request as they indicated that if enough people voted it may be added to the Brisk theme


Many thanks