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Changing the Filename of uploaded images (For better SEO)

Status: Hurray! We're Done!
by kvdweijden on ‎05-25-2016 10:46 AM - last edited on ‎06-02-2016 03:27 PM by Employee Moderator



Google has a lot of ways to check if your site is relevant to the keywords that users are searching with. One of these ways is to check the URL path of images. For example, when a page would be, the image "candle" would appear in google images and also Google recognises this page "" does something with candles, and therefore the pageranking will increase on the word "candle". 


When you upload an image to your Weebly page, Weebly changes the name of the image you're uploading. So when I upload an image with the name "Candle.jpg", Weebly changes this to for eaxmple "2373015_orig.jpg". This is not the most optimal thing for SEO. Allthough it's possible to change the ALT tag of the image (you can make ALT="Candle"), it would be much better if the filename itself would be candle.jpg as well. This would realy fill google images with your images. 


So for the best ranking in search engines it is absolutely necessary to be able to control the name of the images. I sugest Weebly is making it possible to control the filename for a better SEO! 

Status: Hurray! We're Done!

Hi, @kvdweijden!


Thank you so much for your suggestion. Our Product Team loved the idea, and they have just made it a reality. Please check out the new feature, and let me know if you have any additional feedback.


Thanks again, and enjoy your day!


Weebly Community Manager

Accounts for Customers

Status: It's in Our Queue.
by millimil on ‎03-12-2016 11:06 AM


I operate an online shop and have been quite pleased with the ease of use and ability to edit quickly when I'm busy. 

Well, my customers have asked many times if they can look at past orders, see the tracking info, set up subcription payment plan etc. This would be a wonderful feature for those of us with online shops or business.

Please include the features of the old image editor in the updated one

Status: New Idea
by Judy1 on ‎01-02-2017 02:38 PM - last edited on ‎01-02-2017 03:06 PM by Community Manager

When the people at Weebly updated the image editor, they dropped the option of adding and layering extra images in the image editor. This means in my case that I have to prepare my images in Photoshop before uploading, which takes extra time, and can only be done when I'm editing with my PC. 

Athough the old image editor was a bit slow, it had much better features: a larger 'canvas'; the ability to resize images, and the ability to upload and layer multiple images to create new pictures.

Please add these really convenient features back into the image editor.

Better hierarchical format for creating a site with many pages

Status: We're Considering It.
by NBH on ‎12-19-2016 11:49 AM - last edited on ‎12-19-2016 12:23 PM by Community Manager

I have a site with hundreds of pages, and every time I create a new page I have to drag it to where it needs to go. It would be nice to have a better hierarchical format to make this easier. The ability to expand and collapse would be so helpful!

Status: We're Considering It.

Thank you for this idea @NBH! It's taken us a few months, but the Weebly team is considering making your suggestion into a reality. I'll certainly post updates as I have them.


Thanks again, and enjoy your day!


HTTPS Encryption / SSL Option for all Packages - SEO Best Practice

Status: We're Working on It.
by BizTechCoaching ‎09-29-2016 01:52 PM - edited ‎11-09-2016 08:39 PM

Now that Chrome has been updated to basically shame websites that are not secured, it would be good to have the option to purchase and enable HTTPS/SSL for any paid site since this is a best practice for SEO. I saw in another community post that there are no plans at this time to make this option available for anything below the Business package but I hope that is reconsidered if there is enough user support. Weebly is a great platform and keeps getting better, but it would be unfortunate to have to accept that using Weebly means that you will not be able to adhere to certain SEO best practices.


For reference, here is the post from the Google Webmaster Central Blog back in 2014: HTTPS as a ranking signal

Media Library

Status: New Idea
by pagalina on ‎03-13-2017 05:10 AM - last edited on ‎03-13-2017 09:56 AM by Community Manager

Hi there!

Thanks for having such an easy-to-use CMS! 


I wish, once you've uploaded a photo, that you could access it on weebly again through a sort of image library of our uploaded photos. There are times, where even though I have previously uploaded a photo, if I want to reuse it elsewhere on the same site, I have to upload it again. Or if I want to switch back to an old photo, it's not available to me through Weebly, I must upload it again. 



More Header-Types

Status: Hurray! We're Done!
by Job ‎03-25-2016 01:25 PM - edited ‎06-17-2016 01:44 PM

The header is one of the first things people see when they visit your site.

I think there is not very much choose between Header-Types sooo i have a few idea's i think that are awesome!



1. A full width slider Header-Type


2. An Header-Type where you can drag and drop the elements you want.


3. A video Header-Type where you can play a video.


4. Modern parallax image in Header


(5. Be able to customize height of the background header/banner image.)

(6. You should be able to edit your mobile header separately.)


Do you have more suggentions? Leave a reaction below.

(Sorry for my English Smiley Wink)

Status: Hurray! We're Done!

This is a terrific post - thank you so much for all of your great ideas!


We're so excited to let you know that we've just made MAJOR updates to headers, which now allow you to do all the below:

- Add, delete and edit any elements you want in your header

- Click and drag to resize your header's height

- Add video backgrounds to your header (if you're on a pro plan or above)

- Add color backgrounds to your header 

- Add parallax scrolling effects to your header background (on images only) 


We haven't yet implemented a slideshow header, but are working on it!


Hope you enjoy our new features! 

Automatic Pagination

Status: New Idea
by All1 3 weeks ago - last edited 3 weeks ago by Community Manager

It should be possible for you to have multiple pages on one page. Like at the lottom you have numbers or something and the one you click on takes you to the next page on that page.

Move Blog Posts and ReOrder, or PIN to top of page.

Status: Alternative Suggestion Provided
by TravelWriting on ‎01-14-2017 09:30 AM - last edited on ‎01-15-2017 08:51 AM by Community Manager

It would be great to be ablel to reorder Blog Posts or be able to pin a few to the top of the page.

Status: Alternative Suggestion Provided

You could do that now if you update the dates of your blog posts. Since they're all in chronological order, you can control which order they display in by making one older or newer than another. To make a post always on top, set the date far into the future.


Thanks for posting!

Website Features

Status: New Idea
by zafiraimpex on ‎02-02-2017 09:08 AM - last edited on ‎02-02-2017 10:27 AM by Community Manager

Kindly consider the following suggestion, as these are very important while creating good looking website.

1. Add animations of various objects.

2. Header sliders should be incorporated.

3. headers should not be fixed and should be open for editing (images, texts, slideshows etc. on the header)

4. Button color can be chosen.

5. Allow Anchors and anchor texts so that a link could be created for a particular object located on the page. All other website creation platform like WIX and WORDPRESS etc provide this feature.



Introduce a method to prevent the website statistics from tracking our own visits

Status: New Idea
by EthanTaylor on ‎03-29-2017 09:34 PM - last edited on ‎03-30-2017 07:55 AM by Community Manager

At times I may edit and update my website contents and browse them repeatedly to ensure they look okay. It would be helpful if my own visits are not included in the website statistics.

Automatic Shipping for Australia

Status: New Idea
by LJS 2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago by Community Manager

It would be great, if weebly had apps that were user friendly for Australians that use this program.

It is easy to use, but because I am not in the UK, US or Canada. I can not print out shipping labels.

Getting with the times, and allowing us to access Afterpay, which is becoming huge here in Australia, or even a lay a way (we call it layby app) would be great to have.

I have just started my business on this site, and I am losing sales, as most of my customer base love my products, and used to buy from me, well before my website, yet even though they are having a look, because there is no layby feature or afterpay, my customer base is really non existent, at the moment.

If these features are not implented soon, as i see that other australians have asked for this as far back as 2014 and still you cant seem to get with the times. I might have to go to a website that caters for these two functions. I like weebly overall except it lacking in payment options.


Choose a button color of your liking

Status: New Idea
by Kenersej on ‎01-12-2017 09:39 AM - last edited on ‎01-12-2017 10:23 AM by Community Manager

It would be great, if we could change the color of the buttons to any of our choosing, without having to code it. 



Ken J. //

Ability to Change Button Color

Status: We're Considering It.
by cmoodie124 on ‎03-29-2016 12:17 PM - last edited on ‎03-30-2016 11:12 AM by Community Manager

I am using the Lucent theme and it appears you can change the color of absolutely everything, except the Buttons. So now my site is blue and green, but my buttons remain gold. 

HTTPS should be free for all sites

Status: New Idea
by MarijkeD on ‎01-24-2017 11:53 AM - last edited on ‎01-24-2017 12:31 PM by Community Manager

To rank higher on google, HTTPS (secure site) is a must. Other website builders such as Jimdo now offer this free for every level of their paid subscription sites. (see:

When is Weebly planning to do this? If not soon, a lot of people will go to other providers!

Contact Form emailing content to original poster

Status: New Idea
by MissRosie a month ago - last edited 4 weeks ago by Community Manager

I would love the contact form to have an option or an automatic feature where whatever information entered is automatically sent back to the original poster's email for their records, not just to the website owner.  It would be great if the actual TEXT in option boxes was included too rather than just the numbers... ie. 1, 2, 3, 4.  


Thank you. 

Download Counter

Status: Please, Tell Us More.
by MrOz a month ago - last edited a month ago by Community Manager

It does not have to be anything very complex just a button that has an integreted counter that counts that how many clicks it has already is great

I would love to be able to have my customers post reviews for each of my products. But, only if they have purchased the product  It would have a star option and a place to enter a comment. Then a tag beside it that says, "Verified Purchase". Sorta like Amazon is doing. Then the star rating could then be shared along with the product to social media if the product is shared. This would make me so happy! 

Bulk Editing: Move/Copy/Delete multiple elements at one time!

Status: Alternative Suggestion Provided
by dp1 on ‎05-18-2016 08:01 AM - last edited on ‎05-18-2016 10:03 AM by Employee Moderator

I have been waiting and waiting for this. When, oh when, will Weebly make this possible?? It is SO fundamental. Having  to edit each element one at a time is extremely time-consuming. I have made at least 5 requests for it--2 by this feature request, and a few by phone. I notice that several other folks would like it, too, as there was at least one other post for it.

Seems to me it would work for several types of sites. Ours, for example, is a non-profit pet rescue organization, and we are constantly posting animals for adoption. As more pets are posted, some get deleted because they are adopted, and some need to be moved to a different spot on the page. I cringe every time this happens, which is very often. I am to the point where I am looking elsewhere for a company that has that feature. PLEASE make this happen soon! Thank you.

Status: Alternative Suggestion Provided

Here's a link to the third party app that you can use:

Mobile site - Background Image Focus and Zoom Control

Status: New Idea
by bhempen1 3 weeks ago - last edited 3 weeks ago by Community Manager

I know that the mobile site has an automatic zoom for the mobile site.  I would like to have the ability to select a focal point in the header so that I can control which portion of my picture appears on the mobile site.