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File Upload as Product Option

Status: Duplicate
by jgb a week ago - last edited a week ago by Community Manager

Include a File Upload as an option on the product page.  Uploaded file would then be attached to the product through checkout. 

This would be a great tool for personalizing items with photos, logos, or user supplied art and allowing the shopper to upload files during the transaction.  Woudl also be useful for CAD/3D/CNC purposes with non-graphic files.

Status: Duplicate

Looks like we have another post about this - I'd recommend adding kudos to that to show your support:

At times I may edit and update my website contents and browse them repeatedly to ensure they look okay. It would be helpful if my own visits are not included in the website statistics.

Standardized Buttons

Status: New Idea
by Rx 4 weeks ago - last edited 4 weeks ago by Community Manager

The ability to standardize button sizes would be great. Right now, button length is determinted by the # of letters in the button's text. This does not always look the best from an aesthetic point of view. I'd like a cleaner presentation with the ability to customize my button lengths for uniformity despite letter or word count.

Exclude a Group from Mailing in Promote

Status: New Idea
by kcarlino Sunday - last edited Monday by Community Manager
In Promote it would be useful to be able to exclude a group from a mailing.                  


Consider:  is a member of groups "Product A" and "Product B" is a member of group "Product A"


I want to sent a mailing to everyone in group "Product A" excluding contacts that are also part of "Product B" 


In other words only send to jane_doe to cross sell to Product B. john_doe already has Product B so I don't want to email him to try to cross sell.

Media Library

Status: New Idea
by pagalina on ‎03-13-2017 05:10 AM - last edited on ‎03-13-2017 09:56 AM by Community Manager

Hi there!

Thanks for having such an easy-to-use CMS! 


I wish, once you've uploaded a photo, that you could access it on weebly again through a sort of image library of our uploaded photos. There are times, where even though I have previously uploaded a photo, if I want to reuse it elsewhere on the same site, I have to upload it again. Or if I want to switch back to an old photo, it's not available to me through Weebly, I must upload it again. 



REPLACING photos in a gallery

Status: New Idea
by emilyhopper on ‎03-27-2017 11:38 AM - last edited on ‎03-27-2017 01:27 PM by Community Manager

Please give us the option to simply replace images in a gallery while maintaining the current captions & links. 


Currently, we have to add new photos, which are then placed at the bottom of the gallery & re-add the link and caption and move it back to where we want it to be. 

Having the option to replace the image in the gallery would be much easier.

Editing pages when in Mobile view

Status: Duplicate
by DarrelG on ‎03-27-2017 06:38 AM - last edited on ‎03-27-2017 08:37 AM by Community Manager

Suggestion: Make it possible to edit site pages seen in the mobile view, without, at the same time, changing the site pages in the web view.

One of the Weebly “Settings” – “Mobile” for a website is to check or uncheck “Display the mobile-optimized version of this website when someone visits from a mobile device.” When this choice is checked (enabled) in the Settings, and the website is viewed by a user, in the bottom footer area is shown: Version: Mobile Web.   On a mobile device, the Mobile Version is shown, but the Web version can be chosen instead by the user. When Mobile choice in Settings is not checked (not enabled), the viewer on a mobile device will only see the Web version.

When making edits to a website page, an icon in the upper right corner, left of “PUBLISH,” can be clicked on to switch from the Web view to the Mobile view. In the Mobile view, a different Theme can be chosen to be more suitable for a mobile device.

However, I have found that editing changes made while in the Mobile view also change the Web view. I believe such editing changes should be independent between views – a change made in the Mobile view should not change the page in the Web view.

Allow Editing in the Checkout Cart

Status: New Idea
by Creature 4 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago

I have multiple issues with the Weebly Checkout cart. 

1. the visual icons used are not industry standards

     -small blue card next to the paypal icon, does not communicate that I take all major credit cards       clearly, I would love to be able to create a work around my self by being able to insert a small banner within the cart that would contain images of my accepted payments

2. my cart does not work AT ALL on a phone at the moment. The bug with the cart on phones has been reported for over 6 months

  - there is no workaround for this per se, but I would like to be able to add additional info text to the check out screen that says something to the effect of "if you have any experiences checking out, please contact me directly and I can assist you" . There is currently no way to add anything to customize the checkout cart system. 


Enabling the ability to customize the cart is greatly needed.



Status: New Idea
by JayL 4 weeks ago - last edited 4 weeks ago by Community Manager

Users need the ability to place text freely overtop of photos- and the ability to have the text "light up" when you cursor hovers over the image- BUT THE TEXT STILL STAYS VISIBLE WHEN YOU MOVE THE CURSOR AWAY FROM THE IMAGE. As it is now, you can have text appear as you hover over an image- but when you move the cursor away- the text totally disappears. SUPPOSE WE WANT THE TEXT TO STAY VISIBLE ON THE IMAGE? You shouldn't have to go through so much labor creating your own text image to place on top of photos . As it is now,you have to create the text as a separate image and then bring it in to Weebly.



Save previous version of your website. encase you make a mistake, get hack & deleted etc


Wix have this feature. Its really good. You can literally go back to any single change you ever made. And its easy to navigate. My worst fear is putting so much time and effort into a website, then have someone steal your password to do irreversible damage at your expense.  

Ability to add 'Upsells' on each product page like amazon's "Frequently Bought Together"

Status: New Idea
by MK777 on ‎03-15-2017 12:12 PM - last edited on ‎03-15-2017 12:14 PM by Community Manager

On each product page, we would like to see an extension that offers quick, drag and drop, add ons or upsells accessory items. Much like the amazon set up of "Frequently bought together" but it shows products that we designate.


There is plenty of extra space on each individual product page where customers actually buy. If we could show multiple accessory items right below, a small description and price for those items and a add to cart button for each, Im sure sales would increase for everyone, as currently each customer has to go to multiple product pages to add everything to their cart individually. You can currently edit each individual product page and add accessory item images and links, but it doesn't drop them strait to cart. And I have 60+ product pages that we would like to add this feature to.

Thank you for your vote. Smiley Very Happy

Coupon user view

Status: New Idea
by LoriF 2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago by Community Manager

In the Coupons section of my store settings, it would be cool if you could click a coupon and get a list of the related orders that used it.

Abandoned Cart Apps

Status: New Idea
by emmodg on ‎03-24-2017 08:19 AM - last edited on ‎03-26-2017 08:43 AM by Community Manager

PLEASE allow us to use the incredible amount of 3rd party abandoned cart apps that almost every other web service lets their customers use!!!!!! These apps are MUCH less expensive than having to pay you all almost $600 for a bunch of stuff we don't need just to get an abandoned cart app.



Multiple passwords

Status: Alternative Suggestion Provided
by webbuilder11 2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago by Community Manager

I need to be able to use multiple different passwords on my website to protect pages.  Right now only one password can be used for the entire site.  


The reason why, is if I want one group of people to access some content and other groups to access different content.  Right now I would have to give everyone the same password and they would be able to access pages I do not want them to see. 

Status: Alternative Suggestion Provided

You can use our Membership features to have different passwords for different pages, @webbuilder11:

Seperate Mobile Editing

Status: Duplicate
by james889988 on ‎03-14-2017 03:22 PM - last edited on ‎03-15-2017 12:11 PM by Community Manager

You need to be able to seperately edit a mobile site without changing the desktop site. Your responsive themes don't adapt properly unless you simplify your website way too much. Lots of people are complaining about this. At least give the option to turn off the mobile website. I don't want to have to change to another hosting service.

Complete Overhaul to Blog Tools

Status: New Idea
by newyorkave on ‎01-27-2017 11:20 AM - last edited on ‎01-30-2017 11:58 AM by Community Manager

I propose on behalf of my creative agency, and the 40+ websites we manage on Weebly, a complete overhaul of Weebly's blogging system and tools. It's dated, cumbersome, and a challenge to use aggressively to improve SEO.


Here is what we propose:


Management Similar to Members/E-Com

I recommend taking influence from the member management and e-commerce management systems with regard to blog management. For example, opening a menu to view/edit/sort your blog posts/categories/etc, would be a HUGE step forward. For us particularly, we manage very active blogs for our clients and when we need to make changes to older posts or changes to more than one post at a time, it's painful. 



This should be a no-brainer but along with multiple users accessing Weebly websites, you should be able to associate an author for every post on the blog. 


Layouts and Design

One of the things that make Weebly so great is the ease of use of the CMS and ability to swap themes and layouts fairly quickly. Unfortunately, the blog is limited to one layout and an option to turn on/off the sidebar. This alone is a disappointment and should be corrected by giving users the ability to choose from different layouts for BOTH their posts and the parent page (list of posts). I know I've seen many people request that the ability to show posts on the parent page in a more visual format versus a simple list...we agree. Lastly, the layout for the post and the layout for the parent should be able to be different from one another.


Category Display Per Post

There's no reason why categories are not displayed by default for each post. Most people like to sort through their reading by categories and can dig deeper into a website's blog content by reading more of one thing. As of today, Weebly users are limited by having one long list of categories and while within a single post, you have no idea what categories have been assigned.


Categories and Archives Display

Currently limited to the sidebar, the long list of archives and categories is creating a mess for many of our websites. We have since custom built our own solution for organization and display but my goodness, what happens when you have 4+ years of content?!?! For us, that's over 44 list items in the archives. We've also seen people beg for an option in this regard and it would seem to make the most sense for an overhaul.


Styled RSS Feeds

Hey Weebly...have you heard that content is king? Yes, you have and so has the rest of the world. To funnel people into more blog content, styled RSS feeds would be huge. The widget should also give the ability to filter the feed by category instead of just most recent and if possible, pull in the image from the post when applicable. Like the categories and archives display, we've custom built our own solution and it's a big hit with our customers. Making it easier for us to serve them will only improve our experience, and the experience of your millions of other users, with the platform.


Ability to Export

I shouldn't have to mention how important the content someone creates for an active blog is to their business and lives. Currently, Weebly's blog content is served up dynamically which prevents blogs from being copied over within your current website or to another website. In addition, there's no way to export the content from your blog. In fact, if you somehow accidently delete the blog page (which is suprisingly easy to do in Weebly), you lose it all. For us particularly, that would mean years and years and years of hard work and thousands and thousands of dollars. Hello?!?!


Ability to Import

This is another no-brainer. Users should be able to export their current blog content from SquareSpace or Wordpress and IMPORT it into Weebly. Need we say more here?


Better Social Media Buttons

They're ugly, outdated, and bulky. Also, why isn't there a LinkedIn option? These need revisiting BADLY. Also, why can't we turn them off if we don't want them? Right now, we're hiding them in the code and it's a pain.


Pagination, PLEASE

While Weebly users do have the ability to choose how many posts are displayed per page, the pagination itself is horrible. First, there's only next and previous. Where are the page numbers? Where's the jump to a page? More importantly, the styling here is dusty and needs to be refreshed.


Post Options

The post options are buried within two menus, to get to your set SEO title/display, you literally have to be two-three menus deep. This is unacceptable and causes many of our clients to forget the step. Options per post should be more easily accessible through a better-designed menu.


Unpublish Option

Users should have the ability to pull a post back into drafts. This is just common courtesy. Come on!


Bug Fixes

  • Blog categories with hyphens automatically create two different categories. For example, if you want a category called "E-Commerce", it will create two different categories: "E Commerce" and "E-Commerce". Since there isn't an effective way to remove categories, it's impossible to fix. Also, it creates major confusion for people browsing your blog content by category.
  • By default, all text content is full justified. Why? That makes no sense and doesn't happen anywhere else.


I know we're not the only ones with these recommendations and if you read news relevant to Weebly blog (lack of) features, you can see that even review websites are beginning to point out how poor Weebly is for building a blog. While they used to lead the charge here, they've fallen way behind.


Our hope is that an update is already on the way, but we are beginning to get desparate. It's a challenge managing this many sites that we also create massive amounts of blog content for. Also, since we encourage our clients to blog, blog, blog...can you imagine what type of complaints we've received? See above.


Thanks for giving this a thorough review and consideration.

As a small nonprofit organization, we need our email marketing tool to serve also as a database for our contacts. When we enter information for a contact (email address, physical address, phone number, birthday, notes, etc.) we want to be able to export all that data into a single spreadsheet to share with other volunteers, to keep records, and to occasionally send physical mail to our donors.


The current "Export Contacts" button in Weebly Promote includes only a few of the fields about each contact. If we could export complete data for our contacts, we would use Weebly Promote for our email marketing.

Status: Hurray! We're Done!

Our Promote team has made this idea a reality! Thank you so much for your suggestion.

Better Text Color all over Weebly

Status: New Idea
by pc-mac a week ago - last edited a week ago

Get rid of the grey text!  On the Weebly interface/dash board, within weebly, advertising boxes -- Grey is hard to read -- I have no idea why it is in style right now.  


Don't use text because it looks good -- use text that is easy to read.  On the this forum -- the text is thin and hard to read.  


Looking stylish and "in" is nice -- but having text that is easy to read is essential.  The main purpose of websites is to convey information -- and to do that you must be able to comfortably read the text.


I've tried to go back to the old Weebly interface, but becaue it doesnt' strain my eyes to read it.  Not a fan of the "new" dashboard at all.

Offline Payment for store

Status: New Idea
by Asmi on ‎03-23-2016 02:53 AM - last edited on ‎03-24-2016 02:21 PM by Employee Moderator

I would like to see more payment options for online store. like as


Buyer can Bank wire transfer to seller Bank.


By money Order.




Having an UNDO, REDO, HISTORY feature

Status: We're Working on It.
by worldturned on ‎10-01-2016 01:40 AM - last edited on ‎10-22-2016 08:10 PM by Employee Moderator

Weebly is great but would be better with an undo, redo, history feature.