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More theme choices

Status: New Idea
by TeacherUser 6 hours ago - last edited 6 hours ago by Community Manager

After the Weebly update last year, you are VERY limited on theme choices. Weebly was in numerous articles as being a top choice for teacher websites for ease of use and theme choices. You pretty much took away all themes that look more kid friendly and replaced them all with business themes. Please add more theme choices. 

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Ability To Insert HTML In Header Area

Status: New Idea
by tradey 7 hours ago - last edited 6 hours ago by Community Manager

Hello. I think there needs to be a way to insert HTML content in the header area just like we do in the body and footer. The header is an important part of the website because it is where people navigate and see important content. If I want to insert an embedded code, it is currently not possible. How this changes in the future. Thanks for considering.

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Status: New Idea
by mbay7414 yesterday - last edited 6 hours ago by Community Manager

Dear Weebly, 


Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Make a template where the homepage deos NOT have a Header or Menu. 


I have a website for a local sports bar that has multiple locations. All the locations has differences in their menu's, specials, prices, etc.. 


Therfore I need the home page to be basically a logo section, and a pick your loction section. 


If anyone has any suggestions PLEASE let me know.




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More/Less App

Status: New Idea
by Neckbone yesterday - last edited 6 hours ago by Community Manager

Create an App for long content paragraphs so that you can keep it short on the page or add the "MORE" at the end to see more or less of the content. Example if I were to ramble on about how this would work . . .more (click here to expand the content and read the rest of what I had to say)  This expanded or contracted app would keep the viewer on the same page and just offer more/less to read if interested. Less (click here to show less of content)


Let me know when it is available, thanks!

David Neck

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Spam/Privacy Options

Status: New Idea
by Chef1234 yesterday - last edited 6 hours ago by Community Manager

I would suggest providing an explanation for the option to purchase the privacy protection.  If I had known that I would be receiving over 50 text messages, calls, and emails within two days because I did not select this option, I would have paid the $10.  By providing an explanation of what the privacy option would do (or not do), would help customers understand why this is a very important item to purchase.  It reflects negatively on Weebly when your customers get blasted with spam and ultimately, may reduce your business because they may think you are selling their information.  Just a suggestion!  I called and was helped by your great staff so Weebly is not the issue; it's not electing to make your information private. 

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Theme Buttons link to page sections

Status: New Idea
by Adam_C yesterday - last edited yesterday by Community Manager



I would greatly appreciate having the ability to link theme buttons to page sections.


Having the ability to press a button to smooth scroll to a section on the page is becoming a trend in modern web design.

Such designs as the one page navigation are great examples of the feature however limit the site to one page, having the ability to link theme buttons to sections of the page would allow for users to use the smooth scrolling feature but not limit them to one page.


I see some apps can provide users with these features however with the introduction of sections I feel this should be a feature that users should be able to use without the addition of apps


Parameters such as the speed of how the page scrolls and whether the page snaps to the selected section could be put in place to give the user greater control.


I hope this feature can be introduced to editor.


Thank you




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I am a teacher and am currently creating a Classroom Website for my grade level team. I love the simplicity of the website and all of the neat features but what we really need is a way to send a quick "email blast" out to all of the parents. It would be so helpful to send a quick email out to everyone on a "contact list" so that they can receive a quick email everytime the website has been updated or whenever we choose to send them a quick shout out to remind them to check the website. 


Many parents don't think to check the website unless reminded and it would be really neat to have a feature that can do that for us so that I don't have to send an Gmail, and type all the addresses in, everytime I would like to remind them. 


Please let me know if there IS a way to do this and maybe I just don't know about it.


Thank you!

Lindsay G

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I am a system admin for a school district in northern California and last year received many notices that resources on weebly's domain are now classified as Adult and therefore blocked by our content filter. Our best fix is to allow the URL for a set duration however this is not a sustainable practice or security wise solution to create rules that circumvent what our content filter is designed to do. I image sitting in front of our board of education and getting asked about our security measures and following up with but, but, but when asked do I routinely allow access to sites labeled as Adult. It seems that the problem is at the source, not the destination. As a big ask, and I am sure it would benefit many others - schools, education related organizations and some non-profits, can Weebly create a sub domain or reserved web space for sites that are education in nature that would separate them from other areas of that have been branded as Adult? I realize this is a very large thing to ask, and I see that you have now have a space set up for teachers and students to create web sites in, perhaps this could be something in your future planning?

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Add Canada Post to RTS carrier options

Status: New Idea
by MizMac Tuesday - last edited yesterday by Community Manager

We have gone to a lot of time and expense with our Weebly platform for an ecomerce site, only to find out that even if we upgrade to where the RTS is available, it doesn't give us access to Canada Post, for which we have the API because it's fully integratable into platforms like Oracle, Shopify, and IBM.... this is a really disappointment and now we are looking for another platform which is more expense and time we didn't count on. 


IF the UPS, DHL, FedEx, etc. can integrate into your platform, then it should be possible, even with a reasonable fee, or included in the upgrade for RTS.... to allow the most useful Shipping Company to do the same.  We are a start-up cottage industry in Canada, and shipping our goods by Canada Post is the best for us and our customers.  


Judging from the other requests and comments put out there, we need to start looking for another platform ASAP! Any ideas?  Canadians? What platforms are giving  you the best RST shipping info? Thanks. 

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Create age-out option for product categories

Status: New Idea
by kjwilkins Tuesday - last edited yesterday by Community Manager

It would be great to have the option to set certain product categories to age-out products after a set period of time.  For example, we'd like to set products up in the Recently Added Category, but fall out of that category automatically after 30 days.

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We like the Weebly web builder, but after uploading a few trial product CSV records, we uploaded 60.

That went quickly enough (but didn't like the multi-step approval process, it means we had to sit in front of the computer and after some time delay, proceed to "accept" the upload.  


Then we tried to upload the 1.3 MegaByte CSV file with ~5,000 products and it seemed to jam... we're talking 8 hours with no response.  So, we chopped the file into smaller blocks of 500 products, and the first upload took an hour, the second upload took 3 hours, the third upload took all night to upload.... you see where this is going!


The real problem, is that we need to update the CSV every hour (or so), due to external supplier reductions in inventory.... we don't want to sell to a customer a product that we can't deliver due to it being out-of-stock !


The good news, is that when the products were eventually uploaded (it took days!), the response of the website was excellent, so we know Weebly is functional with that many products... the problem is merely one of  convenient & rapid  upload/updating.


I suggest for situations like this, Weebly has a "bulk upload" FTP site, so that we can rapidly (ie 30-60 seconds of effort on our part) upload an updated CSV file.    If reduction in size is important to minimize work on Weebly's servers, we further suggest the CSV be abbreviated in the following cases:


The CSV looks like:



and normally, all of these fields would be filled.   However, once uploaded, then a change in INVENTORY might just look like this:

"productID-12345",,,,,,,,,"17",,            which indicates for PRODUCT ID:  productID-12345    the current inventory is 17

and all other fields in that record are unchanged. 


"productID-12345",,,,,,,,,"0",,            which indicates for PRODUCT ID:  productID-1234    then current inventory is zero, but as we expect to restock the product some day, lets keep the record in the system.  If possible, since that CSV field is text, maybe a restocking date "17-Jul-2017" (or perhaps "stock expected first week of August") can be entered, and displayed along with the product record, when the customer elects to display "products with zero inventory"


The following "-1" indicates to eliminate the record in the system, as we don't expect to restock or sell it ever again:



Lastly, if something changes in the record, any field which is entered, over-writes the record currently stored:

"productID-12345","A Different Title","http:/",,,,,,,"-1",,

which indicates for this productID that a new title, and a new image is to be used.




In conclusion, at the very least, we need a rapid no-nonsense way to update our inventory as quickly as possible, as it needs to be done several times a day, and we suggest an FTP upload site, that triggers Weebly's servers to start processing the file automatically as soon as the upload is complete




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Hi guys,


If someone comment on our blog post, and then we reply the comment, they don't receive any notification so it's kinda not convenient cause they won't be alerted about out respond so i think it will be great if weebly can change the setting of this.


Thanks and hope to see the changing asap.



Status: Archived
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Directory Listing feautre/function

Status: New Idea
by larusb Tuesday - last edited Tuesday by Community Manager

I think it was suggested before, but did not receive enough support.


It would be great to have an option to add directory listing. So, for example, if someone wants to search for services available in their local area they would use local business directory. At the moment there is no feature in Weebly to support this function.

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Hello, I am currently setting up a web page through weebly & wanted to offer a suggestion. I have a online music store I'm developing through weekly and I love all the features but it's missing sum features that you see on sites that are directed for music & music artist. I was wondering if weebly could add something that will allow me & other online music stores to apply digital music store icons to our pages to direct consumers to the online digital distributor stores for the artist music. And also have a music stream section on the store for consumers to be able to listen to the music from my personal store before they buy. Thanks , those were my suggestions for me & others that are creating online music store sites w/ weebly. It would be very helpful, thanks.

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This is something Weebly should do autmotically.

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Weebly Websites need faster performance

Status: New Idea
by Creature Monday - last edited an hour ago

I recently noticed how slow my website was loading, just before I was about to share it with a potential business investor and decided to perform a website speed test ( The over all rating it received was a C. Only faster than about 28% of all websites out there. So my website is SLOWER than 72% of all websites. Smiley Sad WTH! 


Here are some of the issues it pointed out as reason for it being slow, apparently the worst ones:


Parallelize downloads across hostnames (not utilizing)
Grade: 0/F


Leverage browser caching (bunch of things can be improved)
Grade: 39/F


Combine external JavaScript (room for improvement)
Grade: 40/F


There are 6 JavaScript files served from They should be combined into as few files as possible.


There are 5 JavaScript files served from www."mysite".com. They should be combined into as few files as possible.



There are 3 JavaScript files served from They should be combined into as few files as possible.


Resources with a "?" in the URL are not cached by some proxy caching servers. Remove the query string and encode the parameters into the URL for the following resources:


There are 3 CSS files served from They should be combined into as few files as possible.


There are 2 CSS files served from They should be combined into as few files as possible.,700,400italic,700italic&subset=latin,latin-ext,700&subset=latin,latin-ext



Weebly, Please improve the  poor load performance of our websites due to site editor issues. Again, I noticed how slow it was loading, which prompted me to find out what the hell the problem was and run a load test on my site. I have had multiple issues with how slow my website loads after switching to weebly and I have reported it before, with zero customer service or care from Weebly. Please update what can be updated to improve the load time.

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Call to Action button in Menu

Status: New Idea
by walker2 Monday - last edited Monday by Community Manager

I would like to add a Call to Action button in the main navigation menu. This is something that many other websites have.