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When customers are looking at my products, they scroll through them and see the image and price. They want to see the quantity right there to know if we are in or out of stock. They find it cumbersome to click on each product to figure out if we're out of stock or not. Please add this feature. To work around, I need to go into all my items that are out of stock (well over 150) and change the status to hidden. That's the only way they will know if it's in stock or not.

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A few suggestion

Status: New Idea
by gfxpronet 6 hours ago

Hello there,
im Wesley a Motion Graphics Designer and CEO of GFX | Productions, I work a lot on making all kinds of entertainment, platforms, and features. So im busy a lot on my website to manage, show and updated everything and suddenly i came up with an idea for some coming or future features.

Because as i said im busy a lot on my website to update pages, content, features and more... And some of the are offcourse private, So you need to login to get access, but its not really an attractive login screen, so how would it be to get the option to customize it, as same Weebly did for the 404 Error Page?

And the second idea/suggestion is that i dont know if i am the only one... But i have a main website aswell for some subdomains on one Weebly account, but on the moment its only possible to Copy a Website as a Whole, but not a specific Section/Page(s) on the site. So if i wanted for example the About Page to be moved from ( -to- You need to remake the whole page again instead of copying a specific Section/Page on the Site(s).

I hope my ideas/suggestions where told clearly enough to understand, aswell for Weebly to may us it.
As offcourse i really hope you do because i think it could be handy and safe some time for a lot of Weebly Users (Like me!).

Thank you in advance,
Wesley de Bruin (CEO of GFX | Productions)

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So for those of you who have on heard afterpay allows customer to break down their purchas einto fornightly payments instead of 1 lump sum  but you still get paid in 1 lump sum. Those that have added it to their websites not based on weebly obviously have had their slaes sky rocket so the sooner we get it the better! But we need to make it happen.


Like and comment so we can show weebly management just how much we desperately need it!

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I was recently trying to create a landing page that has just a background picture and then whatever elements I would like to add.  However, the only options offered by weebly are the "splash" page that still has the navigation bar and headings.  I found a long comment stream where one of the community managers offered tips on how to remove the navigation bar from the splash page.  He was having to respond to lots and lots of people with individual tips on how to remove the navigation bar from their individual themes. 


So as a suggestion, I believe the "Landing Page" or "splash page" (whichever title you want to use) in all themes should simply automatically remove the navigation so that it looks like a true "Landing Page". It just seems like this is a need folks have, and that it would address the whole issue much more simply if Weebly offered a true navigation-less Landing page as one of the page options. I hope this is clear what I'm talking about.




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I am absolutely desperate for a different blog layout. So much so that I have been investigating WordPress and Blogger. But I am also equally desperate not to go through the learning curve or the hassle of changing over. Besides, I love Weebly and recommend it to everyone. However, I find the Weebly blog layout to be old fashioned, and very tedious to navigate to old blog posts.

Please, please, please, please, please Weebly, an updated look in blog templates and some choice. I can see no reason why you cannot do it. You have brilliant designers!

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Status: New Idea
by 3qwertyhj yesterday

vertical aspect ratio for slideshow

Status: New Idea
by jeanecummings yesterday - last edited yesterday by Community Manager

Recently I wanted to use the slideshow on a website however, the photos that I selected to display were vertical photos.  Since the only aspect ratio options are horizontal in nature, there was a lot of blank space to the left and right of the photos.  This affects the visual aesthetics of the website.  There is no possible way to reduce the amount of this space and I spent several hours searching different comments and posts on the subject to try to find a way around it.  Please add a vertical ratio to the photo format options for slideshows.  I believe this would be extremely helpful!

Copying among 2 sites

Status: New Idea
by JVO yesterday - last edited yesterday by Community Manager

Can anyone help me?

I have 2 sites with weebly. Is it possible to copy some pages from my site to my other site without recreating the pages and searching for the pictures and so one.....?

Thanks for your feedback,



social networking icons

Status: New Idea
by KateDouglas Wednesday - last edited yesterday by Community Manager

I'd really like more choices for social networking icons that can be added to the header. Instagram, Goodreads, BookBub--these are sites that I and a lot of other authors use to promote our books, and it's frustrating that I can't choose the ones I want, or adjust the size. The Twitter, Facebook, email and YouTube icons are so small that it's impossible to tell what the YouTube one even is. I'd love to see more options.

Store Locator

Status: New Idea
by Will1 Wednesday - last edited yesterday by Community Manager

I would like it if Weebly had the ability to create a simple 'Store Locator' for wholesale businesses who go to market utilising a distribution network.  You would be familiar with entering your post code and the tool finding the closest retailer to you who stocks the product/brand you are after.




Status: New Idea
by AtulaSK_1696 Wednesday - last edited yesterday by Community Manager

Why can't we add a(n) Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Kik, Messages, Whatsapp, or Pinterest apps, for our users to go on to those links and add the website to whichever ones they have? We gain more users that way.

Making emails available on Blogs

Status: New Idea
by ljdavis Wednesday - last edited yesterday by Community Manager

I would like to be able to run giveaways on my blog and capture the emails submitted, rather than having to pay huge amounts of money to some outside source to run the giveaway for me. How about you make it possible to capture emails on blog posts?


Laura Davis

It has come to my attention that when I post a sentence in the header my logo size is severely restricted.  For example, I have a short quote I want to share that fits in one sentence and I put that in my "short header" then my logo size is quite small.  Even though it appears I have the option to resize my logo on "short headers" it does not allow me to do so and therefore squeeze the text into additional lines.


I agree a "short header" should have it's limitations.  However, what the website builder shows me and implies is that it is capable of allowing me to resize my logo so that with a short sentence of text and a "short header" I could have a larger logo instead of one that is infinitesimal (very small).

So the workaround is to say the same thing you wanted to with fewer words than you would really like to use so that you can have a large logo on a "short header."

Status: Alternative Suggestion Provided

If I'm looking at the correct site in your account, you have your logo in a column to the left and header text in the column to the right. Mouse over the divider between the two, then click on drag it to the right. This will make your logo larger and the text to the right wrap so it takes up less horizontal space.

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Weebly currently does not allow users to see all of the uploads associated with their accounts. I found old PDFs of mine on the internet that I had removed from the front-end of my site years ago, yet as a user, I could not see or delete them from the back-end of my own account. When I contacted Weebly about this, I was told to continue to contact them with the specific names of any files that I would like deleted and they would delete them from their end. This makes no sense to me – I don't know the specific names of any files that I would currently like deleted since I have uploaded many files over the years but I would definitely like to see all of the uploads associated with my account so I can determine which ones should no longer be there. Not only is it annoying to have to address each file removal request with Weebly, but how can Weebly not allow users to see all of their own uploads? That doesn’t seem right. In WordPress, you can see all of the files have been uploaded, whether they're actually being used or not.

Status: Duplicate

We have an older post about this which I'd recommend you add your kudos to:

Change the Drop Down Tabs to a different color to highlight movement.

Also,  change TABS to a different color PAGES

The possibily to add for example single tweets, instagram posts, Facebook posts directly onto weebly - like you can do on

Status: Alternative Suggestion Provided

We have some apps in our App Center which could do what you need, @jacobssonrobert:

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Preview without publishing?

Status: Duplicate
by kmshimoda Tuesday - last edited Wednesday by Community Manager

Would be great to have a Preview feature on the Weebly Business Plan (or any plan) as I work on creating/editing my Shop page before the public actually sees the Shop.

Status: Duplicate

There was an earlier post to Vote on Features about this that I recommend you add kudos to:

A single button that links to multiple buy buttons

Status: New Idea
by KateDouglas Tuesday - last edited Wednesday by Community Manager

I'm wondering if you already offer such a thing--I'm an author and I want to list all of my books on a single page (there are a lot of them from multiple publishers) and do it the way they're set up in On that site, I can click on a single button that says "Buy Book" and it brings up a small box with links to Amazon, BN, Kobo, iBooks, & Google Play.


All I'm looking for is a way to bring up a simple list of buttons that I can add links to. Does such a creature exist with Weebly?


thank you!

Kate Douglas

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Sort by Product

Status: Duplicate
by Tamura Tuesday - last edited Tuesday by Community Manager

I REALLY need to be able to sort by product in the back end of the store to save a LOT of my valuable time.  I run paint night events so my "products" are actually events.  So in preparations for an event I need a list of every one who has purchased the item/event.  Currently I have to manually go through each order.  It would be SO MUCH better if I could just click a product and get a list of orders in which the product was purchased.


This is make or break for me.  I love weebly but the back end of the store really needs some work.

Status: Duplicate

There was an earlier post to Vote on Features about this that I recommend you add kudos to:

PHP Support

Status: Duplicate
by Aristophanes88 Tuesday - last edited Tuesday by Community Manager

You should offer this.

Status: Duplicate

It looks like this was posted earlier to our Vote on Features board - I'd recommend adding kudos to this post to show support for it: