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Domain Transfer After Expiry

Status: New Idea
by CT2 Sunday - last edited Sunday by Community Manager

There should be a window of opportunity after a domain name has expired for a Weebly user to transfer the domain to a new provider. I was recently hit by Weebly with a bill for another year of subscription when all I wanted to do was transfer the domain name away. The result: I lost the domain name 

Many of Weebly's competitors including GoDaddy already offer a free transfer after domain expiry. I think many loyal Weebly users will be shocked to learn the same level of customer service is not offered here.

There is a new requirement placed by Google to make all websites secured through SSL certificates. They have announced that the latest Chrome browser version will warn users on websites that are not using SSL (https). For those websites, Chrome will present a message in the address bar that reads ‘not secure’.


Weebly should Include free or at nominal cost, SSL certificates for all account levels ASAP.

Editing Members Only Login Page

Status: New Idea
by rjcarter1121 Tuesday - last edited Wednesday by Community Manager

This feature would allow you to edit the members only login page. Insted of having the plain weebly look. You could edit it and add a company logo and text etc.

Save previous version of your website. encase you make a mistake, get hack & deleted etc


Wix have this feature. Its really good. You can literally go back to any single change you ever made. And its easy to navigate. My worst fear is putting so much time and effort into a website, then have someone steal your password and has irreversible fun at your expense.  


Status: New Idea
by Razgriz Thursday



I am interested in having an addon for my website to manage the games played and the score and the game won or lost.


It would show the game currently being played with score, the game that have been played with the score, and the games to come with time and date.


Website Features

Status: New Idea
by zafiraimpex 3 weeks ago - last edited 3 weeks ago by Community Manager

Kindly consider the following suggestion, as these are very important while creating good looking website.

1. Add animations of various objects.

2. Header sliders should be incorporated.

3. headers should not be fixed and should be open for editing (images, texts, slideshows etc. on the header)

4. Button color can be chosen.

5. Allow Anchors and anchor texts so that a link could be created for a particular object located on the page. All other website creation platform like WIX and WORDPRESS etc provide this feature.



Option to create blank landing page

Status: New Idea
by jasonwitt Saturday - last edited Sunday by Community Manager

Would be nice if we could have the option to create a totally blank landing page with no header, no footer, no navigation menu so we can custamize as we see fit.

Complete Overhaul to Blog Tools

Status: New Idea
by newyorkave 4 weeks ago - last edited 3 weeks ago by Community Manager

I propose on behalf of my creative agency, and the 40+ websites we manage on Weebly, a complete overhaul of Weebly's blogging system and tools. It's dated, cumbersome, and a challenge to use aggressively to improve SEO.


Here is what we propose:


Management Similar to Members/E-Com

I recommend taking influence from the member management and e-commerce management systems with regard to blog management. For example, opening a menu to view/edit/sort your blog posts/categories/etc, would be a HUGE step forward. For us particularly, we manage very active blogs for our clients and when we need to make changes to older posts or changes to more than one post at a time, it's painful. 



This should be a no-brainer but along with multiple users accessing Weebly websites, you should be able to associate an author for every post on the blog. 


Layouts and Design

One of the things that make Weebly so great is the ease of use of the CMS and ability to swap themes and layouts fairly quickly. Unfortunately, the blog is limited to one layout and an option to turn on/off the sidebar. This alone is a disappointment and should be corrected by giving users the ability to choose from different layouts for BOTH their posts and the parent page (list of posts). I know I've seen many people request that the ability to show posts on the parent page in a more visual format versus a simple list...we agree. Lastly, the layout for the post and the layout for the parent should be able to be different from one another.


Category Display Per Post

There's no reason why categories are not displayed by default for each post. Most people like to sort through their reading by categories and can dig deeper into a website's blog content by reading more of one thing. As of today, Weebly users are limited by having one long list of categories and while within a single post, you have no idea what categories have been assigned.


Categories and Archives Display

Currently limited to the sidebar, the long list of archives and categories is creating a mess for many of our websites. We have since custom built our own solution for organization and display but my goodness, what happens when you have 4+ years of content?!?! For us, that's over 44 list items in the archives. We've also seen people beg for an option in this regard and it would seem to make the most sense for an overhaul.


Styled RSS Feeds

Hey Weebly...have you heard that content is king? Yes, you have and so has the rest of the world. To funnel people into more blog content, styled RSS feeds would be huge. The widget should also give the ability to filter the feed by category instead of just most recent and if possible, pull in the image from the post when applicable. Like the categories and archives display, we've custom built our own solution and it's a big hit with our customers. Making it easier for us to serve them will only improve our experience, and the experience of your millions of other users, with the platform.


Ability to Export

I shouldn't have to mention how important the content someone creates for an active blog is to their business and lives. Currently, Weebly's blog content is served up dynamically which prevents blogs from being copied over within your current website or to another website. In addition, there's no way to export the content from your blog. In fact, if you somehow accidently delete the blog page (which is suprisingly easy to do in Weebly), you lose it all. For us particularly, that would mean years and years and years of hard work and thousands and thousands of dollars. Hello?!?!


Ability to Import

This is another no-brainer. Users should be able to export their current blog content from SquareSpace or Wordpress and IMPORT it into Weebly. Need we say more here?


Better Social Media Buttons

They're ugly, outdated, and bulky. Also, why isn't there a LinkedIn option? These need revisiting BADLY. Also, why can't we turn them off if we don't want them? Right now, we're hiding them in the code and it's a pain.


Pagination, PLEASE

While Weebly users do have the ability to choose how many posts are displayed per page, the pagination itself is horrible. First, there's only next and previous. Where are the page numbers? Where's the jump to a page? More importantly, the styling here is dusty and needs to be refreshed.


Post Options

The post options are buried within two menus, to get to your set SEO title/display, you literally have to be two-three menus deep. This is unacceptable and causes many of our clients to forget the step. Options per post should be more easily accessible through a better-designed menu.


Unpublish Option

Users should have the ability to pull a post back into drafts. This is just common courtesy. Come on!


Bug Fixes

  • Blog categories with hyphens automatically create two different categories. For example, if you want a category called "E-Commerce", it will create two different categories: "E Commerce" and "E-Commerce". Since there isn't an effective way to remove categories, it's impossible to fix. Also, it creates major confusion for people browsing your blog content by category.
  • By default, all text content is full justified. Why? That makes no sense and doesn't happen anywhere else.


I know we're not the only ones with these recommendations and if you read news relevant to Weebly blog (lack of) features, you can see that even review websites are beginning to point out how poor Weebly is for building a blog. While they used to lead the charge here, they've fallen way behind.


Our hope is that an update is already on the way, but we are beginning to get desparate. It's a challenge managing this many sites that we also create massive amounts of blog content for. Also, since we encourage our clients to blog, blog, blog...can you imagine what type of complaints we've received? See above.


Thanks for giving this a thorough review and consideration.

Build Saves

Status: New Idea
by Greyshirk Thursday - last edited Thursday by Community Manager

Be able to revert to an old build of a website. For example say if something got messed up and a page was deleted, they had spent awhile on this and they need it back. They could revert to the old build.

Header padding + Header Height

Status: New Idea
by Bene567 2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago by Community Manager

Please give us options to adjust everything, headers, sections even the amount of space in the "contact form".



Share Buttons

Status: New Idea
by Awesome1 2 weeks ago - last edited a week ago by Community Manager

Can you add a share by email button?

Discount Coupons for Quantity

Status: New Idea
by SSM a week ago - last edited Tuesday by Community Manager

I want to offer discounted pricing for higher quantity orders. As it stands now, I can only create a "coupon" for a certain $ or % and apply it to a product or category.


This would be fine IF I could also assign a quantity parameter WITHIN the selected product or category. For example, I want to be able to sell 1-4 t-shirts for $10 each, 5-9 t-shirts for $8 each, and ten or more for $7 each.


PLEASE consider making this simple addition. It'd help us a LOT with our pricing! Thanks!!

Let's make SSL an option for all plans

Status: New Idea
by IP 3 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago by Community Manager

Right now SSL is super glitchy. I have a business plan and it's been days since I've been trying to enable SSL for the site. Despite being escalated to the development team, SSL is still down. I did everything right, pointed A records to, but still not working, and we can't go live until SSL is working properly. 


This would not be an issue if SSL was a standard option for all plans. Wix just made this an option, and there it's even free, so why can't Weebly compete on internet security?


HTTPS should be free for all sites

Status: New Idea
by MarijkeD a month ago - last edited a month ago by Community Manager

To rank higher on google, HTTPS (secure site) is a must. Other website builders such as Jimdo now offer this free for every level of their paid subscription sites. (see:

When is Weebly planning to do this? If not soon, a lot of people will go to other providers!

Community Editor - Extend the Quote Function

Status: New Idea
by AngelXAces Friday - last edited Sunday by Community Manager

It's actually kind of useless as it is because the purpose of quoting as it pertains to forums is to shift the context from the main idea. Quoting the main idea is an extremely rare necesity, grammatically speaking.


The function should targe other users within the thread so that we can add to it or refernce it to help describe our own thought. 


People with use this to repond directly to another user in conjunction with @Mention which is considered improper use but tolerated on most forums. Strict discouragement goes .a long way especially on Weebly. 

stats for my two websites

Status: New Idea
by IO Friday - last edited Sunday by Community Manager

Please add to the stats the location of the readers of my websites, e.g. France or Egypt. It would help me to create and adjust my blogs accordingly.


I also prefer Monthly Stats compared to weekly. It is important to know whether I am improving or not.

Please include the features of the old image editor in the updated one

Status: New Idea
by Judy1 on ‎01-02-2017 02:38 PM - last edited on ‎01-02-2017 03:06 PM by Community Manager

When the people at Weebly updated the image editor, they dropped the option of adding and layering extra images in the image editor. This means in my case that I have to prepare my images in Photoshop before uploading, which takes extra time, and can only be done when I'm editing with my PC. 

Athough the old image editor was a bit slow, it had much better features: a larger 'canvas'; the ability to resize images, and the ability to upload and layer multiple images to create new pictures.

Please add these really convenient features back into the image editor.

Membership Directory

Status: New Idea
by LisaRen Friday - last edited Sunday by Community Manager

Hi, I would love to see a membership directory app with the ability of a member to upload a photo to be inserted next to their name in the directory.

Font outline and shadow

Status: New Idea
by Me123456 Friday - last edited Sunday by Community Manager

Please add font outline and shadow.  This is a basic function of font editing.


Status: New Idea
by FeuerFuchsHD Friday

I had the idea to add what would be very practical because of the Blogers because people can write their opinion life a life chat.