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There needs to be a way for customers to use more than one coupon code!  It's impossible to give a discount along with free shipping!!  This needs to be implemented, along with other combinations that I'm sure people would like to use.  

Packing Slip

Status: New Idea
by jvanderreyden yesterday


I am new to printing out your packing slip, as I put these in with my orders it would be great to be able to have your logo and address at the top of the page.


Search Function

Status: New Idea
by aandygroup Wednesday

It would be great to have the option to choose the order the in site searches are displayed.

For example we would rather our actual product page was the top result, rather than a blog article about the product appearing at the top

Preview pages

Status: New Idea
by catblogger Tuesday

I would love to be able to preview pages before publishing them. Any chance of that happening soon?

The new colorful themes with the slim horizontal navigation bars constrain the logo to a very tiny size. Our logo does not look good reduced tiny and therefore, I can not use most of the Weebly themes. Allow the user to adjust the logo size in the navigation area or create themes with bigger logos in mind. Themes, like "Modus Operandi - Cento"or "Bayside Inn - CleanLines" allow for scalable or bigger logos but they have constrained white background areas. In themes like these, it would be helpful to allow a full colorful background or photo to be put behind the logo area.

We design a custom product that we sell in various sizes to multiple organizations. We create a unique store for each organization, ("Company 1 Widget," "Company 2 Widget" etc.) So multiple organizations might end up placing 25-50 separate orders in 5-6 different sizes simultaneously. The way the orders are displayed currently, all we see is the customer name. We need to be able to see the product name ("Company 1 Widget XL"),  so we can sort by organization and send them their orders.

The new section feature is very good, enables responsive blocks of color to break up the page. 

Unfortunately, I'd like to be able to either divide the section down the middle, one side picture, one side color with text or... be able to place two sections next to each other. As it stands now, sections can only be added or moved vertically.

Having the page split into nice, clean responsive zones that scale/tile is what modern web layouts are delivering. Without that option, we're still stuck in the old fashion layout jive. Can't be that difficult to implement... please just do it.

Just a thought - the Instagram social media icon is still that of the old logo. Perhaps this can be updated?

I run a poetry company.  We sell digital downloads as well as physical prints.  Currently Weebly requires that I create a separate product for a printable and a hard copy of the poem.  Having two separate items creates innumerable problems as we already have hundreds of poems.


At first I created double categories for everything. Love poems - digital download.  Love poems - signed prints.  It looked so horrible and was so confusing.  Now I just have the products listed as a physical product and under "type" I have added digital download option that I have to email after the order is received.  Once our volume goes up this will not be sustainable! I NEED to be able to have a digital download option on my physical product without adding a separate product just for that.

I'm starting my blog on Weebly, adding one or more entry daily.  Each entry is a different title.  I'd like a Table of Contents on the Index page that links to each specific entry on the blog page.  If that is not possible, then I'd put a text box with each blog entry's title at the top of the blog page.  I NEED A WAY OF LINKING LINE IN THE TEXT BOX TO THE CORRESPONDING BLOG ENTRY TITLE.

My customers complain that they have to type in all of their information everytime they place an order which is normally once a week. If they have registered with the site or created a login, why can't their address, phone etc appear in the checkout area automatically.

Edit Mobile Version

Status: New Idea
by AdamC Wednesday

I wish I was able to edit the mobile version of my websites. When a customer visits using their cell phone, everything is out of alignment and it looks terrible. Please upgrade or make it so if we edit the mobile version then it leaves the desktop version alone. 

I often shop online. I know Ulta Beauty and several other sites have free shipping if you meet a minimum purchase amount. When I start to check out it will say "Spend 12.54 more to receive free shipping" or something along those lines. I would love to have that option for Weebly for my store!

When trying to get images to be the exact same size, it can be frustrating trying to drag the corner of the image and get to the exact pixel number. It would be much easier if you could type in one of the dimensions and have it appropriately resize the image.

I love Weebly for its features, the ease with which one can create a website, and their sterling customer service. However, I am hearing from constituents for whom I've created websites that they want to see parallax scrolling on their home pages. Weebly does not yet offer this, nor can it offer a timetable for when it might be available. I don't want to go to Wix or Foursquare, so please, Weebly, when might you offer parallax scrolling?

Editing categories

Status: New Idea
by mindyscience 2 weeks ago

PLEASE make it so we can edit categories for our blog posts. If we mispell something, or decide we want to change category names or delete them, we can't do that. I really, really want this feature! Mindy

It would be beneficial to have a "Sold Out" sticker appear on the product image in the store when an item has sold out.  Customers currently have to click on the product to see if the item is available or sold out.  My products are each unique and I can only sell one item (no duplicates available).  It is inconvenient for my customers to have to click on each item to see if it is still available and I am currently having to change the titles of the items to include the words "sold out" so that viewing is easier.  

Please have the customer invoices label 'shipping and handling' like they used to before the recent changes.   With the current changes they label only as 'shipping'.


Anyone that uses a shippo,  or usps online, etc and receives a discounted shipping rate needs to have the shipping and handling verbage.  otherwise legally we are overcharging on shipping which can be a liability issue.  Since the weebly site is causing the misnomer on the invoice that the customer received from weebly by email this can also turn into a liab problem for weebly.


please fix.     Thank you so much!

Some of my retail clients can't use the Weebly ecommerce option as there is nowhere to put the details for delivery to someone other than the purchaser.  A florist, for example, needs to be able to take the payment from one person and send the item to another also with a message.  


We tried to use the Weebly ecommerce platform but some customers put in the recipient's email address instead of their own and, horror of horrors, that person received the receipt for payment.


I believe that Weebly is missing out on a whole pile of potential clients because this option is not available.

Add Image Library

Status: New Idea
by N_N on ‎08-25-2016 08:34 AM - last edited 3 weeks ago by Employee Moderator

(I assume this idea has been posted before but I'm new here.)


Please add an Image Library like most CMS so we can:


- Mange all images and documents in one place

- Upload multiple files at once

- Only have to upload the exact same image/document once