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Hi Everyone,


I'd like to suggest a blog page template that has the ability to reduce the size of blog entries (maybe keeping a single featured full length blog entry) and simultaneously includes more page building features. I say this because I'm a daily horoscope columnist and people land on the home page of my website to read my dailies, but I am missing a great marketing opportunity to point them to my upcoming talks, things happening at our yoga studio, announcements, etc. 


I'm not a wordpress guy, but one thing that attracts me to the blogs of wordpress is the ability to make a blog page do more than just featuring a linear stream of entries. Thanks for considering my idea and I hope other people will agree with me!


-Adam Elenbaas

For any webshop selling to multiple countries, offering multiple payment currencies matching those countries quickly becomes essential.


Unfortunately, this is not a feature that Weebly offers today.  Currently you can only accept payments in ONE currency.


If you have any international aspirations, please give this your upvote!



This has been raised more than once already on the Weebly Community but it must be raised again because of the password hack which Weebly just announced today.


Weebly, please organise 2FA or I believe that many people will migrate to other website builders. I may be one of  those people. It's far more important than "Weebly 4" or any other flashy new features. Your customers want their websites to be secure. Please, please, please sort it out.



I'd like to know the date/time that I made a specific change to my website. 

Edit an order

Status: New Idea
by nikkileggs1 a week ago

Would be nice on the sellers end to edit an order instead of cancelling and having the customer repurchase.  

have more than 30 days of stats for visitors so you know if your site is tanking or expanding its user base. This is basic stuff people please upvote. 

Anyone registering on a Weebly website to be a member can enter a bogus email account.  Standard security practice these days is to email the requester a code as part of the registration verification process that they enter on the website to confirm that they are using their valid email address.  This should be a priority change by Weebly.

Why you don't put more options on photos/galleries, like Mosaic view, or Round Circled photos, etc.

Having an UNDO, REDO, HISTORY feature

Status: New Idea
by worldturned 4 weeks ago - last edited Saturday by Employee Moderator

Weebly is great but would be better with an undo, redo, history feature. 

Add the ability to edit the form/information buyers fill in when making a purchase. 
E.g. add a business name, different contact details etc. Useful for wholesalers as we'd know which of our stockists is ordering.

More Control Over Blog

Status: New Idea
by Abby a week ago

It would be nice to be able to breakdown our blog articles into smaller sections on the front blog page (rather than having each article in its full entirety). This doesn't help if someone wants to share my article on their social media platforms as they may read the entire article on that front page. When they go to share, they can't because it just shares my blog's front page.The current way loses social media shares. Instead, we should have the ability to break it down as the following example. The pictures can even be smaller with just the title and summary. 


Blog Breakdown Example.JPG



Abby Campbell


Status: New Idea
by cooldude 2 weeks ago

could you please put the option to chosse your language for people around the world


from cooldude

Preview pages

Status: New Idea
by catblogger a month ago - last edited Saturday by Employee Moderator

I would love to be able to preview pages before publishing them. Any chance of that happening soon?


Since I joined Weebly 3 years ago, I have been comparing how my images looked on my website compared to other fellow photographer friends, at first I thought something was wrong with my images, then I started to hear about how effective manipulating image size can make images look on the website, I did some digging and learned how to do it properly and tried almost every size from 2500 px for the longest edge all the way to 960 px ... none of them ever looked anything like what I would see on other sites....

This morning I kept wandering all over google looking for the reason to that till I accidentally came across a title that lit a bulb inside my head, which is the relation between the retina displays suppport and how images look like.


Turns out the webbuilders my friends are using do support retina displays, this is why their images looked awesome on my Macbook, and when looked up if Weebly did the same, turned out it doesn't .... So, I request implementing this feature on weebly please .... and hopefully a lot of people would vote on it.


Thank you

H1 Tags

Status: New Idea
by Gar 2 weeks ago

Weebly needs to add <h1> tags to all themes to improve SEO for web sites that are trying to get higher SEO scores

Remember Repeat Customer Info

Status: New Idea
by socofarm on ‎09-16-2016 01:03 PM

My customers complain that they have to type in all of their information everytime they place an order which is normally once a week. If they have registered with the site or created a login, why can't their address, phone etc appear in the checkout area automatically.

Hi there, would like to ask if we could add an 'Item wish list' onto online stores such as ours. I believe it would be a great way of getting requested items where the customer and store can check so. For example, if things are out of stock and there are a ton of different customers withtthe same item on their wish list the owner will be able to view it and see what people are requesting the most. Thank you! 

It would be helpful to both us and our customers in regards to keeping and managing inventory if the SKU # wold appear in the Order Details. This is something that needs to released at a later time.

I would love to be able to add the author's name below the date field in each blog since I have more than one contributor. I don't want to add them all to the sidebar. 

Having the option for different types of customers to shop with their respective pricing is a must for many businesses. It's too labor intensive to have two or more categories for the same products. A options on the customer level would be great.