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Status: New Idea
by cheepalma yesterday

Snapchat is a growing social media app. Please make it available on the social media icons!!! It would be a great way to engage with visitors.

It would be brilliant if we could include a modern-style post feed in a magazine, or tabloid form on a homepage, rather than ugly RSS feeds.

A way for us not to have contact weebly to delete old uploaded files.  The folder is shared with mulitiple sites under my user name and the folder gets cluttered.  It would also be great to be able to create subfolders in the upload folder, but I would just go for a feature to delete old files.   It seems very backwards that we have to go through customer service to remove something from our website.  

Been with weebly simce the beginning but have thoght about shopify because they have an App that upsells, and cross sells at checkout. Would be great if you could create this

It has come to my attention that I have no access to my website file directory, and furthermore, that when I delete text that linked to a file, that file still resides in my directory and is still accessible by anyone who knows the URL.  This is a serious defect, and users need to have access to our own directory.  I was told to send file addresses one by one to the help desk, and they will delete them.  This is not an acceptable solution.  


Does anyone know if I can in the meantime work around by using Fetch or other FTP applications?


Please vote for User File Directory Access




Weebly, why are you using hyperlink blue on things that are not links? Please stop teasing me.



















I would really love it if I didn't have to go through these hoops every time I visit weebly to find out what is going on with my orders. Current path: home/edit site/ loading loading...../Store/Orders/


Can we PLEASE just: HOME / ALL PENDING ORDERS /   to see the same information???


There are plenty of other hyperlinks from the home page. Why does the store window on the home page have nothing but stagnant text? Are those not your higher paying customers? Please consider making this incredibly SIMPLE update so us Weebly store owners can save some clicking time. Also, please don't use standard url hyperlink blue on text that is static, that is highly irritating.

When I recieve multiple form entries in the same day, because the subject lines are the same, it stacks them all in one email thread. 


Please add the feature like a counter or serial number to the subject line.




New Form Entry: %Form Name here%

New Form Entry: Contact Us




New Form Entry: %Form Name here%  - %UID%

New Form Entry: Contact Us - 0583


New Form Entry %UID%: %Form Name here%  

New Form Entry 8675309: Contact Us


The URLs of uploaded files are super ugly and impractical.
Like this:

www. website. com/uploads/6/6/0/1/66010525/image1.jpg


Is there a way to make it look like this:

www. website. com/uploads/image1.jpg


or even this:

www. website. com/image1.jpg




Currently, to print off a order I am either required to login to my weebly account via my computer or, print the emailed order from my smartphone. 


Although printing from my smartphone is much more convenient; it is only a full copy of the emailed transcript including all the email header etc. This looks really poor if you want to leave it with a delivered order (I do self deliveries).


What would be great is if weebly added a print button to their mobile app which prints the exact same order details and format of the print facility of the weebly editor within the Order section.


Hope this meets with others approval.

I find it very funny that I have to sibmit a "new" idea and hope that people will vote and hope that Weebly will re-consider...


just because Weebly desided to HIDE payment options and shipping cost from the first checkout screen.


Customers should be able to see essential information. It must be prominent and shouldn't be burried under pages and clicks.

Customers should know up front the shipping cost (before changes, it was visible on first checkout page and just by changing the country customer could see the shipping cost).


Customers should see immediately what payment options they have. Is it PayPal only? Is it both CC and PayPal?


Good business and eCommerce practice is to make everything clear and easy for the customer. 


Weebly did the opposite - they increesed number of checkout pages and clicks and they burried essential information.

Carousel Slideshow

Status: New Idea
by Aone Thursday

I would love to see Weebly get a feature that will allow us to do a carousel slideshow in the future.

I think a lot of people will enjoy this feature. It is a modern touch that will be practical.

I understand that every business is different than another, but as a wholesale distributing company, I would like to show my customers that my products are out of stock temporarily instead of sold out. Sold out would probably work more for retailers and resellers. So allow us to customize this text to the way we desire Weebly. Thx.

Allowing the user to rearrange the products by price would be very useful.

Header Options

Status: New Idea
by MSMotors Thursday

I would love better header options like you have in the footer, like the ability to insert elements above the navigation Smiley Happy


Status: New Idea
by Tri-nity 2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago by Employee Moderator

I sometimes feel like it takes decades for Weebly to respond back to my question. Sometimes we need quick answers, and people living across the globe with different timezones also need to have questions answered as soon as possible. I don't like to keep submiting tickets back and forth and waiting for the next day for a reply. I hope that Weebly seriously considers a 24/7 live chat support system to help and aid users from around the world. Many users even post their problems and issues in the community awaiting and praying for an answer to arrive, with many of whom are left unanswered! Yes that is true. I've scrolled upon dozens and dozens of posts with 0 kudos and 0 comments. I personally don't think this is working well. What do you think? I'm all ears. Smiley Wink

Ability to add a logo to confirmation emails

Status: New Idea
by MBenninger a month ago - last edited 4 weeks ago by Employee Moderator

It would be great to be able to add our logo to the confirmation emails that are generated from the webstore. Seems odd that we have a beautiful website and when the customer purchases something they get a VERY boring order and download confirmation.


Thanks for putting this on the To-Do list!


The Plea: Please increase the HD Video file size limit to some greater than 1GB! 5GB? 10GB? 20GB? This limitation is not fair to paying Weebly customers nor is it realistic or par for the course in comparison to most online video hosting options - free or paid.


The Details

I have been with Weebly many years and have several pro level accounts and websites. I just tried uploading my first HD video only to find that it would not upload because it was 1.1GB in size. Not sure where you are at Weebly, but here in 2016 an HD video over 1GB in size is a very common thing. A free account in YouTube allows a user to upload up to a 15 minute video that is up to 20GB! In the basic level paid account in Vimeo it is 5GB.


What makes this limitation really not make sense and quite contra-indicative is that, while there is a limit to an indiviaul video size, there is no limit on how many individual videos I can upload. So if I wanted to, I could upload (100) 999MB videos that would take up way more space than my one 1 - 5 GB video.


Ok, Weebly users, I hope you agree with me on this and lets vote this into existence! (^_^)

Changing the Filename of uploaded PRODUCT images in the STORE (For better SEO)

Status: New Idea
by JustImagine on ‎07-19-2016 12:23 PM - last edited 3 weeks ago by Employee Moderator

Vote for this if you want your product images be found by search engines.


As much as I was excited about much needed and long asked for changes in file names of images, I am disappointed to learn that these changes do not apply to store/product images. (screaming WHY???)


I hope that the changes will be made to the product images too. If any of you have a shop on your site, you know what I am talking about.


 - most sites who use ecommerce are about selling products and getting images "out there". These sites don't just post pictures to gallery, they post pictures of products to their store.


- most sites who use ecommerce are paying for business plan. It means that most paying customers are at disadvantage now, because the change in picture URL does not apply to store images.

Invoice Format

Status: New Idea
by VickiW on ‎07-19-2016 08:00 AM

I print off an invoice to pack with each order. The Weebly invoice is, frankly, embarrassing. It doesn't even print my company name and I have no way to add any graphic header. Everything on the invoice is double spaced so it wastes tons of paper. If the customer orders more than 3 items the customer name box prints on  a second page. It is VERY easy to get these separated if you print multiple invoices.....something we all want to do every day! What we get now is basically a print screen and it's hideous.


The invoice needs to be completely redesigned. It needs:

- company name and logo options

- the customer name and address at the top

- more efficient use of space, eliminating much of the double spacing


Maybe there's something better that I haven't found on the site yet. If so, please let me know!

An absolutely essential feature.


Long overdue