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i think i speak for 90% of all webshop owners in the Netherlands when I say that no iDeal support means no Weeby. You guys should definatly look in to this asap.

It would be really great if the Weebly Video Player would let us pick any still frame from within side a video clip or upload a still to represent the video, much like Youtube or Vimeo dose now. The Weebly video player right now just picks the first frame of the video, and offen times it looks bad, and unattractive.  

After having to sit down and help my mother due to the category pages moving all over the place when she's trying to move individual items under "Sold Out," I believe there needs to be a way to lock different levels of the site's page tree (and tool bar) so that the categories can't be moved to random locations.


This happens repeatedly and it's a real pain having to fix her site over and over because she loses the selection of the item and instead a category page gets moved to random locations.  If the locations of key pages were "fixed" in the page tree then she wouldn't have this issue.


-Chris for

I don't know if this is possible already (can't seem to find anything on it) but I'd love to be able to save a small cache of images to my site - images that I use over and over.  I know that you can favorite stock/paid images, however I'd like to be able to upload a few images that I use for a recurring blog theme so that I can just click to add rather than have to re-upload it every week.



I think it would be great if Weebly could offer a feature that allows users to log in via membership and view their past purchases.

Hi there, I've been missing the option of chosing two different page themes for my home and the rest of my pages. I really hope weebly will work on that issue soon as I, and I hope many of you outhere, consider it a huge limit to my website styling... 

I have on several occasions brought this to weebly's attention and this time I was advised to get a voting started here at the forum, so I hope I'm not the only one missing this option Smiley Happy



The Navigation titles (Pages headings) are so muted.  I have a black background and the navigation headings i.e. Home, Reel, Resume, etc. all are gray against the brightness of my Title and vividness of photos and my bio beneath which are all in bright white (( i used the color chart and chose white for these).  I don't care what color they are just so they are no muted and the eye does not go to them.   Can't we have a color chart for these headings? 


Thanks for your consideration - I have no complaints but this - was talking to several other colleagues who also agree and have this complaint. 


Joseph R. Sicari

Blog/site templates for classes

Status: New Idea
by clintcornfield Thursday - last edited Thursday

Hey there! I have an idea/suggestion that I think would be a really neat/helpful feature for schools.


I'd love to see a way to be able to make a site template that the teacher could set up, then push out to all of his/her students. Specifically, I'm picturing that a class will be blogging throughout the school year, and in order to have uniformity in class, the teacher could pre-design a site template that includes certain pages (i.e., "Blog", "About Me", etc.) that everyone in class would have. This would alleviate the huge (potential) headaches of having kids incorrectly design their websites, forget to include a page, etc.


Thanks for considering!

Add Image Library

Status: New Idea
by N_N Thursday

(I assume this idea has been posted before but I'm new here.)


Please add an Image Library like most CMS so we can:


- Mange all images and documents in one place

- Upload multiple files at once

- Only have to upload the exact same image/document once




It would be brilliant if we could include a modern-style post feed in a magazine, or tabloid form on a homepage, rather than ugly RSS feeds.


Status: New Idea
by cheepalma Tuesday

Snapchat is a growing social media app. Please make it available on the social media icons!!! It would be a great way to engage with visitors.

It would be great to allow profile pics to be available for members.

I would love for the credit card icons to be displayed rather than a generic single credit card icon. For example, the Discover, Visa, etc. symbols (see below) so that customers know what types of cards we allow. Currently, it only is showing the paypal logo with a generic card icon as well.



I would like to have the customers tell us where they heard about our product upon checkout so that we can tarck what channels of marketing are working for us. This would be an easy add on feature for PRO customers. I've been asking for this for years WEEBLY!  Thanks - Andy

It has come to my attention that I have no access to my website file directory, and furthermore, that when I delete text that linked to a file, that file still resides in my directory and is still accessible by anyone who knows the URL.  This is a serious defect, and users need to have access to our own directory.  I was told to send file addresses one by one to the help desk, and they will delete them.  This is not an acceptable solution.  


Does anyone know if I can in the meantime work around by using Fetch or other FTP applications?


Please vote for User File Directory Access




Hey, Weebly friends! I love using the button. I would like to request that we have an option to change the colors of the button. A red, green, blue, alpha (rgba) format slider would be excellent. The rgba slider would allow us to create many colors, and the alpha (opacity) would allow us to change the transparency of the button. If that's too hard, it would still be great to have ~10 basic colors to choose from. Thank you for looking into this & have a great day! :-)

Been with weebly simce the beginning but have thoght about shopify because they have an App that upsells, and cross sells at checkout. Would be great if you could create this

I find it very funny that I have to sibmit a "new" idea and hope that people will vote and hope that Weebly will re-consider...


just because Weebly desided to HIDE payment options and shipping cost from the first checkout screen.


Customers should be able to see essential information. It must be prominent and shouldn't be burried under pages and clicks.

Customers should know up front the shipping cost (before changes, it was visible on first checkout page and just by changing the country customer could see the shipping cost).


Customers should see immediately what payment options they have. Is it PayPal only? Is it both CC and PayPal?


Good business and eCommerce practice is to make everything clear and easy for the customer. 


Weebly did the opposite - they increesed number of checkout pages and clicks and they burried essential information.

I see another user asked if this was available from Weebly, but doesn't seem to have posted on the new idea board.

We have website customers who are moving from websites to smartphone apps because it's easy to send a message (event, notification, reminder, etc) to an app.

But many users prefer to simply receive an SMS / TXT message instead as these messages then queue in their Message inbox,  not in a third party app.

I'm hoping other developers will see value in this service and promote it here?  :-) Thanks in advance.