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Create directory page

Status: New Idea
by VFM on ‎01-10-2017 11:43 AM - last edited on ‎01-10-2017 11:48 AM by Community Manager

Can I create a directory page where my members can add listings if events and clubs? 

Slideshow Element

Status: New Idea
by MoG on ‎02-04-2017 05:53 AM - last edited on ‎02-05-2017 09:05 AM by Community Manager

1. add an option on slideshow element: play shuffled


options, advanced: shuffled (full)

random at each image


there is a random for the start position then it branch sequential


2. another option (random) on transition style: hard : random each time (maybe re-electing the same transition),

soft: the transition is elected for a random transitions then it change... something like that...


3. also a random on speed: the set/subset of speeds, varying randomly : for r images...


4. ensure also, I can provide other transition style codes + caption code in a theme ? using full css and/or completed with js.

Contact Form Date Picker/Chooser

Status: Archived
by BJ on ‎05-06-2016 09:45 AM - last edited on ‎05-06-2016 10:33 AM by Employee Moderator

A nice addition to Weebly's contact form would be a date picker or chooser.  I'm sure it would be helpful for people who user their contact forms for scheduling, requesting service, etc.

Status: Archived

Windows app

Status: New Idea
by jaydensim on ‎11-17-2016 12:58 PM - last edited Tuesday by Employee Moderator

Could we please have an app for windows 10???

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Add IMG title tag

Status: New Idea
by iantresman on ‎01-08-2017 05:18 AM - last edited on ‎01-08-2017 08:24 AM by Community Manager

Please enable the ability to add IMG TITLE tag text. It is also good for SEO.


Clicking an image, and selecting Advance, already lets you select and enter ALT text, so supporting Title text should be trivial.

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RSS Feed

Status: Alternative Suggestion Provided
by Weekly_Polotics 3 weeks ago - last edited 3 weeks ago by Community Manager

Since the old plain rss feed ha been eliminated i would like to bring it back, as an app.

Status: Alternative Suggestion Provided

There are a couple apps available right now, @Weekly_Polotics:

Dropboxes to narrow searches & Menu bars top and side at the same time

Status: Archived
by gopycrad on ‎05-13-2016 10:37 PM - last edited on ‎05-16-2016 07:25 AM by Employee Moderator

This is something I often need but can't do in weebly.


I need the ability (NOT FOR A STORE) to have dropboxes to narrow searches for example if it were frames. one dropbox to sort by style and then another dropbox to sort by style as many websites have.


Added to this the ability to have menu bars on the top and on the side at the same time that have different page linkages or sort options. These are the features that would really make weebly stand out and have more people coming to use the service.

Status: Archived
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Out of stock toggle on size / colour & other product options

Status: New Idea
by Mike- on ‎01-21-2017 08:03 AM - last edited on ‎01-22-2017 08:16 AM by Community Manager

Please add a toggle to prduct options so that we can mark it "out of stock" without having to remove that option then add it back in at a later date when we have more stock .. 




allow us to re arrange the otions by drag and drop .. all new/readded option go at the bottom and if you like us off er clothing is sizes you need to go up in size from small to large etx .. adding in a new size means re-writing the whole options list in order .. a REAL pain in the butt .... 

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App editing available to all editor types

Status: New Idea
by dlawler1 on ‎01-23-2017 11:16 PM - last edited on ‎01-24-2017 12:34 PM by Community Manager

I run a couple of sites with anywhere between 5 and 50 editors. It would be amazing if multiple editors could access and edit via the app.

360 Degree View Of Products!

Status: Archived
by localtrends on ‎05-15-2016 12:57 AM - last edited on ‎05-16-2016 07:30 AM by Employee Moderator

It would be nice if we can make products have a 360 display so that the visitor can preview the item from all dimensions and angles by dragging the image and rotating it. For example, if i sell shoes, the user would be able to view the sole of the shoes, front side, left and right side. 

Status: Archived

Toggle on or off product images, to many !!!!

Status: Archived
by TheRyanRanch on ‎05-24-2016 03:39 PM - last edited on ‎08-04-2016 09:50 AM by Community Manager

I would like to see if there is a way to toggle the images displayed on the products page, to the right of the main product image, there are to many product images listed here, especially when you have multiple options, your dealing with.



Please !


to many products.jpg


Status: Archived
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file cabinet

Status: New Idea
by mahdy on ‎01-28-2017 07:11 AM

I would like to use weebly to build my intranet, so I need the file cabinet function to be enabled.

Agree to terms check button during checkout

Status: New Idea
by Speerso on ‎10-06-2016 02:57 PM - last edited on ‎10-06-2016 03:21 PM by Community Manager

Customers to select agree to terms and conditions check button before making a purchase.

Quantity to be in 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 3.... increments

Status: New Idea
by BlueNoseCoffee on ‎11-01-2016 04:42 PM - last edited Tuesday by Employee Moderator

I'm trying to sell coffee and tea in less than 1 lb. amounts.  I would like quantity to be in 1/4, 1/2, 1,2,3.... choices.  This way I would have just one price (per lb.) and not a price for each increment. Since I also have 3 choices of roasts, 10 choices of grinds and currently 2 weights, I have 60 product choices for each item.  If I have to change the price of the item, I have to do it 60 times!

Email links to pop up for gmail

Status: New Idea
by BondofBaltimore on ‎11-01-2016 01:55 PM - last edited Tuesday by Employee Moderator

I just finished building a new website with links to our gmail account. When testing the site none of these links work and I've now found out it is because these links only work for visitors with Apple Mail or Outlook. I think it would be great to fix this problem since so many people are using gmail as there primary email provider.

video auto play

Status: New Idea
by kirbyLiu on ‎11-01-2016 05:07 PM - last edited Tuesday by Employee Moderator

I appreciate the video module that is included in the pro package. However, I would like to see an auto play feature in this module. I have multiple videos and I would like the video starts playing right after people click on a show title or link. It would be more userfiendly. Also, I would like to show a video on my home page so an auto play would be super good.

Get Rid of Themes - Instead Allow Us to Select Theme Elements

Status: New Idea
by asmi8803 on ‎11-01-2016 06:04 PM - last edited Tuesday by Employee Moderator

For example, if I like the button style on one theme, but the menu position on another.


When adding a button, why not allow us to select the button style and colour.

Why not allow us to choose where the menu is positioned.


It seems it would be better to allow more customisation than through set theme. I'm not sure what the benefits of having themes are over being able to choose the elements individually.


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Spacing Around and Inside Text Boxes

Status: New Idea
by SES737 on ‎12-26-2016 06:48 PM - last edited on ‎12-27-2016 09:08 AM by Community Manager

I would love to be able to change the leading between my text lines and the padding around each text box to move them closer or farther from other objects. Sometimes there just seems to be too much space overall and I would prefer to edit that to my personal esthetic. 

Currently there is no way to keep a user in the website umbrella (keeps the logo and menu line on the page) if you create a page that points to an external web page.  I'd like to see Weebly provide a "Build" tool that creates a box in which the contents of an external page are displayed.  Such a tool would keep the logo, menu line and title page and image constant and would make life simpler for users and decrease the odds that the user would leave the website unintentionally.

ability to copy or move blog posts

Status: New Idea
by Catherine1 on ‎04-08-2017 02:31 AM

I would like to be able to copy posts from one blog page to another.