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Access Denied

Status: New Idea
by FitnessInspired Wednesday - last edited Wednesday by Community Manager

When making pages of your website unavailable to certain individuals, a message that says "Access Denied" appears when that indivual tries to view the pages you denied them from. Instead of only saying "Access Denied", that message should be able to be personailzed by the buisness/site owner. 

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 11.38.11 AM.png





Auto Reply when Contact Form is filled out

Status: New Idea
by SteveCzerwinski Wednesday - last edited Wednesday by Community Manager

When somebody fills out their information it would be helpful if there was an automatic reply to their email. That way an automatic message can let them know your hours, when they can expect to hear from you etc etc...

It would be incredibly useful if the font size and image size, could be (a) shown numerically (b) entered numerically.


At the moment, trying to use the same font size from one page to another is guess work: do I click the + twice, or is it three times? Likewise images, no idea.


I should be able to see that the text is set to size "4" (if you want to make it easy), but better to show 12px.


Likewise, images must show the width and height, otherwise there is no way to be consistent from page to page.

A new block: "Recent changes"

Status: New Idea
by Klaasdj Monday - last edited Monday by Community Manager

It would be convenient for guests as they can see what info has recently changed in the website.

Perhaps an idea for a new block

How about adding a feature that suggests another companion product when an item is added to the sales cart? When you buy something on Amazon suggestions are made to the effect "customers who purchased this item also bought XYZ". This would help improve sales for those of us who have business sites.

It would be really great if you could see when and during what time of the year is your website most visited. I think that the stats would be really important and I hope that this would get approved.

Permalink for scheduled blog posts

Status: New Idea
by akagarwal Saturday - last edited Sunday by Community Manager

A key feature of blogging is linking blog permalinks to help each other out and many blog posts are scheduled. Weebly needs to provide permalinks for scheduled blog posts so that others can use them on their scheduled blog posts so that they can all go live one after the other and be linked.


I know other bloggng sites allow this feature but weebly currently does not.



more stats in desktop dashboard

Status: New Idea
by atharva a week ago - last edited a week ago by Community Manager

please put stats till one year on laptop dekstop 

Hello - I have your "Developer" Business plan for my client's website.  They really thought we could use the "RTS" or "Real Time Shipping" calculator.  Per my chat with your people, this isn't available currently to the Developer platform.  How soon before it will be available?  Thank you.

New Navigation Layout Options

Status: New Idea
by hsilverthorne Thursday - last edited Thursday by Community Manager

I would like to propose Weebly offer the possibility of new navigation menu options. Right now, we can only have it as a singular drop down, which is kind of plain. We don't have any way to edit the look of the navigation menu. I saw the menu on this website: and thought that kind of menu would be perfect for our website and probably a lot of others as well. Maybe there could be a navigation menu editor where you can drag and drop or possibly just a few options of menus that work with the different themes. I like the theme I have and just want more options for the navigation menu look and functionality.


If you think we should have more navigation options, let's get Weebly on board to change this! Thanks! Smiley Happy

Hi there,

This is very important, because my name looks perfect on desktop website & BULKY on MOBILE website.



Improved Embed Code object

Status: New Idea
by brzsw a week ago - last edited Sunday by Community Manager

The area for editing HTML code is very small at times. As the screenshot below shows, this is not very useable. I am forced to edit in an external text editor and then cut and paste the code in. The editing window needs to be much bigger.




Another problem is that the CSS does not render properly in an Embed Code. You can see from the screenshot below that the top display is a mess with the ticks under the text. This is what the Embed Code object displays when you edit the page. The example at the bottom is what happens when the website is published.



Image repository

Status: New Idea
by ajsr 4 weeks ago

Have an image repository feature, so I can upload all my images at once, and reuse them across pages.

Get Weebly indexed by Google Scholar

Status: New Idea
by michaip4 Tuesday - last edited Tuesday by Community Manager

It would be great if Weebly sites could be indexed in Google Scholar. This would allow the scientific papers (either in PDF or html format) posted on Weebly sites to appear in Google Scholar searches. 


This feature would be tremendously helpful for academic researchers who use Weebly to disseminate their research.



Captions underneath slideshow (i.e. Instead of on it)

Status: New Idea
by Sfinlay 2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago by Community Manager

It would be really helpful if the photo captions could go underneath instead of on top of the slide show pictures. Many artists and designers use weebly to share their work and while they want viewers to be able to know what the title of a work is, obscuring part of the image with text defeats the point.

As owner of a shop you probably need some staff to help you produce your orders. Something I see missing for weebly is the ability to add editors that can have access to this information only, not to edit the site or anything else, just to view how the store is moving and the orders to be fulfilled. 

Moderate Blog Posts

Status: New Idea
by akagarwal Saturday - last edited Sunday by Community Manager

I would like to give others access to my blog allowing them to create new posts that are put in an approval queue and go live only after they are approved.


I am starting to use my blog more and more and I am finding that creating my own blog posts all the time is very difficult. There are so many people who are willing to post to my blog but I need to be able to control the quality of these posts.



File Manager

Status: New Idea
by HTML_Nvc 3 weeks ago

It would be very helpful to have a file manager to see all the images and documents that have been uploaded.  Also have the ability to catagorize and delete them.  This would also provide a reference to use in custom HTML. 

I think only grey and blue for the button is not enough - there should be a option for all colours!


Schaltflächen sollten in allen Farben ausgewählt werden können - nur blau und grau ist zu wenig.

Dreaded 404 when unpublishing site for maintenance

Status: New Idea
by botunkus a week ago - last edited a week ago by Community Manager

Just learned that if I unpublish my site for routine maintennance - visitors get the dreaded 404 page not found message. This is a real problem especially for business sites. There should be a way for weebly to allow you to bring up a site undergoing maintenance page.